Welcome Baby Aster

There’s a new baby in da house! Like almost nine months ago but who is counting haha?Aster is three months old away from turning ONE which I can’t believe because it felt like just yesterday we brought her home. Life with two has a bit hectic which is why I’m posting her birth story when she’s nine months old. Lyra is just LOVING being a big sister and actually can’t stop kissing, hugging, and all around man-handling her.

This photo was taken in the first couple weeks when Aster was born.

Aster’s birth story is very different than Lyra’s, mostly because we scheduled an induction so we knew exactly when she would arrive. Well sort of because I had to wait quite a while to be called to the hospital. And when I was called in, I didn’t actually get induced until well after midnight. But after the pitocin started, contractions came two hours later and shortly after, Aster was born!

I wish I could tell you about the newborn days but they feel so far behind us now haha. Aster is cruising around on furniture, eating solids like a pro, clapping and waving and just growing up so fast. The second time around is certainly a whirlwind!

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