Lyra’s First Trip to Disney!

I know some people might think we are crazy to take a 16-month old to Disney and that she’ll never remember it yada yada yada, but I personally think we’re crazy not to travel with her now when she’s so easy (relatively) to travel with and not to mention FREE. I don’t know if we will go anywhere once we have to pay for her airfare and admission tickets, ha!

Chris and I had so much fun spending New Year’s Eve at Disneyland. As I said before, it really is the happiest place on Earth!


It seems every time we are in SoCal that the weather is dreary! This happened the last time we were at Disney for Chris’ 30th Birthday, our 1st trip to Santa Barbara, the beginning of our trip to Laguna Beach last year…really, where is the sun?? The weather might have worked in our favor though as I think it deterred pass holders from going. It totally wasn’t as crowded as I thought!

We stayed at SpringHill Suites Anaheim Maingate and felt it was a pretty decent hotel. The location was within walking distance to the tram and to DLR itself (though we preferred taking the tram), you can purchase tickets to the park at the hotel, and they offer breakfast for free. The free breakfast was ‘edible’ so take that for what you will.


Lyra loved seeing all the characters as we walked in. It was pretty cute how she got so excited but then as we got closer to them, she would say, “no more.” Ha. She denied Minnie Mouse a kiss and Donald Duck a high-five. She was oddly drawn to Chip however and didn’t have a problem with him!

We mostly stuck to Fantasyland and Toon Town since they are the most toddler friendly. The rides were kind of hit or miss with her. She seemed to enjoy Dumbo for a bit, Casey Jr. Circus train ride, and the carousel. But Pinocchio was absolutely the worst. I even thought it was scary and I can tell Lyra did not like it either. She was clutching us both for dear life and screaming, “no more, no more, no more!” Chris and I thought it was really funny but we also felt bad too. The ride that Lyra really loved was the Jingle Cruise in Frontierland. She’s so into animals right now!


It’s a Small World was also a hit. She kept pointing at all the “babies.”


We didn’t stay for the fireworks since Lyra is definitely too young but we already planned that next time we go, she’ll be old enough to enjoy them. Our NYE night ended with us having pizza and going to bed before 10pm.

The next day we checked out California Great Adventure and compared to Disneyland Park, it is much more low key in my opinion but for sure, less ‘magical.’ Lyra seemed to really like this one rocket ship ride – we took her on it 2x! We checked out a bugs’ land, Cars Land as well as Paradise Pier. The parades at both parks were the best and during the parade we saw at Great Adventure, Minnie pointed at Lyra! Chris and I felt more giddy about that than she probably did, hee.


We had a jam-packed time at DLR so the next day we headed to Huntington Beach to relax by the ocean. I really wished the weather was better in the OC as it would have been nice to take Lyra down to the beach. We settled for some good ol’ fashioned people-watching from the broad walk. Turns out, Lyra is really into beach volleyball. She was MESMERIZED. Who knew?


We had so much fun on our trip; Chris and I are already talking about our next visit to Disney!

2 thoughts on “Lyra’s First Trip to Disney!

  1. I think it’s so great you guys went! Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m still dreading traveling with C because of his poor sleep methods (yes we’re still struggling with that *sigh*). Maybe once he gets the hang of it we’ll head off somewhere.


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