Christmas in San Francisco

I’m terrible at blogging, obviously. I can’t say I’m extremely busy because I still manage to  find time to watch terrible reality TV shows like Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, which is so scripted but I will still watch because I am addicted to The Bachelor franchise. Anyways, I could go on but let’s get to what’s new – lots!


Lyra Update

What isn’t Lyra doing these days? She loves being outside at the park and playground. The slide is her favorite thing and also chasing the birds away. It seems she’s been learning a new word every day or so! And even started to count 1, 2, 3. It’s bananas to me! She is also very good at mimicking us so we have to be careful what we do and say. I even started to spell things out to Chris just so she won’t catch on!

This girl may  be little but boy can she eat! She went through a phase of not eating any vegetables and basically anything I made her. I started to question my cooking! But she now eats mostly whatever I put in front of her. She still loves throwing food on the floor…sigh.

I think I’ve said this before (or maybe it was just in my head, who knows) but I will really miss being the funniest person in the world. She will laugh at anything I do. She even started to do this fake laugh when we start laughing.

Family Update

We traveled back to the East coast for Thanksgiving and shuttled between my family and Chris’ family. It was a fun trip but cold and what’s sad is that it probably wasn’t even that cold but to us softies, it was cold. We got to see some snow and Lyra made a little snowman and even went sledding.


It was great to see friends and family on the East coast. Lyra is starting to recognize family members too from FaceTime and photos so it was nice to spend some real ‘face’ time with everyone. We were able to fit in a trip to Boston and stayed at a hotel that was directly across from my old apartment! Ah the memories. I miss Boston a lot! But again, the weather.

The flight back home was one of the worst experiences in my life. Timing is everything when traveling with a toddler so we were really bummed to find out there was a two-hour delay when we got to the airport. And on top of that, our original flight time of six hours became seven, SEVEN, hours due to the strong wind. Lyra did fine on the flight despite all  her naps being terrible. The descent was so bumpy and turbulent I felt like we were riding a roller coaster, and not in a “this-is-so-much-fun-weeeee” kind of way but more like “omg-this-is-how-I’m-gonna-die” way. I ended up getting sick which always suck on a plane but I was so relieved when we landed. Everyone was – people were clapping that’s how joyous they felt.

Holidays Update

Chris and I decided this year we would spend Christmas in SF so we could enjoy one Christmas out here while we lived here. It was relaxing and peaceful which is what we needed.


We went to fancy dim sum on Christmas Eve, got hot chocolate afterward and watched Elf. That movie gets me every time.

September vs. December

On Christmas Day we went to the zoo! Lyra definitely is more interested in the animals than the first time we went! She even posed for pictures for me which she hates doing.


We spent Christmas evening with our friends down in Pacifica, just south of the city. I made Christmas jello for dessert and it was a hit! We had a lot of fun and it got a little chaotic at times. With five kids under five, there was not a moment of silence. Chris and I still enjoyed it. Since having Lyra, I’m realizing how fast time goes so I appreciate every day with her. And no matter how crazy, hard things get, I always remind myself that one day, my baby bird is going to be spending Christmas with her own family! So the chaos is nice. I like being in it.

Christmas dinner, Christmas jello, Christmas Lyra

A lot of our friends are having babies now. We know of five couples in the past five months who have each welcomed a baby and there will be six more babies next year from other friends. Well seven if you count ours!! Babyrrito is getting a sibling with Baby Taquito 🙂 Let the chaos continue.

Happy Holidays!

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