It’s Pouring

What is this mysterious substance coming down from the sky?!


I have lived in San Francisco for almost 5 years now and I can probably count on two hands how many times it has rained, like truly, really rain. I’m not talking about light misting, but torrential downpours where you feel like you’re being washed away.

These past few days have been downpours. Lyra and I got caught in it! I never seem to remember that dang ol’ umbrella. It was fun, for like a second. But luckily we were not far from home.

The rain is somewhat reflective of this whole last week. Starting on Sunday, we stretched ourselves a little too thin by trying to do all the things. We planned a hike and brunch in Oakland. Sounds innocent enough, right?


@Redwood Regional Park

Except Lyra hardly napped in the morning and so we figured she might nap in the car on the way to Oakland. Nope. OK, well she might take a nice, long nap on the hike. NOPE. Technically she did nap but it was like an itty, bitty one that was more like a really long blink. OK, OK, maybe she will nap on the way to brunch. FINALLY. But it was again, short. Better, but short. She was fine at brunch and even fell asleep on the way back to the city. But we couldn’t transfer her to the apartment without her waking up, as sly as we were. SIGH. Another short nap. She was not a happy camper. Something you learn quickly as a parent of an infant is that shitty naps lead to shitty nights. And it was pretty shitty. We are used to her sleeping a long stretch (~3 hours) before waking for a feeding but that night, she woke up every 45 minutes or so.

The next morning, I thought it was a chance to start anew. Except, she wouldn’t nap. She fought it, HARD. After over an hour of trying to get her to nap, I felt myself bursting into tears. We were both crying at that point. It was very unexpected. Lyra is not an easy sleeper, has never really been- she just doesn’t like to sleep. We both agree she is a lot like me in this regard. But it had never been this hard to put her down before. I felt like I was in some bizarro world and I didn’t know what to do. Am I cut out for this?? After taking a deep breath, I decided nap time would be over and went about the rest of the morning as if she napped. We went to visit my friend who just had a baby five weeks ago and Lyra fell asleep in the carrier on the way there. So that was nice. EXCEPT it was for 19 minutes. At that point, I was like I GIVE UP. The day did eventually get better. (Eating cookies certainly helped.) That evening, Lyra felt hotter than usual. When I took her temperature, it was 100.7 and then an hour or so later, it was 101.9!

Poor Lyra. I realized she was having a hard time just as I was. We did as much as we could to make her feel comfortable while monitoring her temperature. Her sleep did suffer later that night but I actually felt a lot more zen about everything. We did extra cuddles with her to make her sleep easier. She’s gotten almost back to normal now.

When it rains, it pours. The next day my Dad told me Kara, our wonderful corgi, died. I knew her health was on the decline but I didn’t think, or want to think, that she could possibly die. I feel if there is one thing people know me for, is that I LOVE corgis, and I am OBSESSED with my corgi. My apartment is literally a shrine to corgis and my phone’s background and MacBook background is of Kara, not Lyra or Chris. It’s hard for me to explain how much a pet can mean to you to those who do not have any fur babies. But they become your family just as much as any human family member. You might actually like them more than your human family. Heck, I missed Kara the most anytime I went away. She was full of love and the best pup anybody could ask for. Truthfully I have not fully grasped that she is gone. I haven’t given myself much time to think about it since I am focusing my energy on Lyra. I know I will be a ball of a mess soon. Right now, denial feels like an okay place to be.

Our last selfie.

I kind of wish Lyra was old enough to play with me in the rain. I laughed a little this week when we were caught in the rain. It reminded me of this one time in Boston when my friend Aleks and I were walking across the Commons when all of a sudden a sun shower hit. At first we started running through the park to try and get to Downtown Crossing so we could pop into a store. Then we started to slow down and stood by this tree, which provided no shelter at all, and started hysterically laughing. We were drenched. It was really awful, but so ridiculously humorous at the same time. When the cloud passed, and the rain stopped, we walked, sopping wet, into Wendy’s and ate some burgers. That feeling of just letting the rain fall on me felt wonderfully freeing. I’ll never forget it.

3 thoughts on “It’s Pouring

  1. So much happening at once! Sorry to hear that Lyra got sick, but I hope her recovery was really fast. Kara was well-loved. Sorry again for your loss. 😦

    Glad to hear that California is finally getting some much needed rain though.


  2. Awww poor little Lyra! Sucks when the little ones get sick. And I’m so so sorry about your Corgi. I know how much you loved her.


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