Happy Anniversary!

This weekend Chris and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We started off Saturday by going to the farmers market where we gorged ourselves – or at least I did – on zeppoles, baked goods and egg sandos. YUM. Gotta love breastfeeding. I am hungry ALL THE TIME.

That night we made dinner plans and hired a real babysitter, our first, to watch Lyra. We’ve gone out before but would have friends watch her – this was new territory. A new beginning with lots of date nights and reclaiming glimpses of my old life. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lyra usually goes to bed pretty easily after bath time but I think she knew something was up. Chris was walking around dressed in a tie. A tie for god sakes. Her daddy has never worn a tie! What is he doing now? And I put on make up (shocking) and had my going out clothes all ready. She smelled us a mile away just like how Kara would always know when we were planning on leaving the house. She would go berserk no matter how stealth we thought we were. I would clutch the keys in my hands so it wouldn’t jingle and slip them in my back pocket. My mom would tiptoe around the door trying to get her shoes on. We would slowly turn the door knob and hold our breaths and like always, Kara’s spidey senses would turn on and she would run to the door barking, where are you going?? 

We thought we could put Lyra down for bed, the babysitter would show up, we’d leave for dinner and we come home to the babysitter sitting on the couch where we left her with our sleeping baby in the next room. HA HA. Lyra was basically like nope, I’m not going down easy tonight. After an unusual amount of patting, bouncing, and shushing Lyra was in her crib and we hurried the heck out of our apartment. Bye bye baby! G’luck babysitter!

Chris and I had dinner at Luce. It was AMAZING. Which is funny because we were not really sold on the menu when we chose this restaurant. All the places we wanted to eat at were already booked or had a ridiculously $100 cancellation fee if we were a no-show. And since we’ve been living on baby time for the past five months, there’s always a chance (a big chance) that your plans will go awry so better not to have anything set in stone. Except for that – you can set that in stone.

S’mores, Handmade Sweetbread Ravioli with Italian Black Truffles, Duck Breast with Baby Carrots, Black Plums and Chantrelle.

Anyways the dining experience was great – the food, the service, the ambiance – all of it. I tried sweetbreads for the first time! Only after being reassured by the server that you can’t even tell you’re eating sweetbreads. My kind of sweetbreads.

We couldn’t resist checking on Lyra during dinner (OK, maybe we checked on the Lyft ride over too). My friend Jackie gave us this webcam that we use as a baby monitor – it’s great except everything is in Chinese. Luckily Jackie was able to set it up for me when she visited us! And we haven’t had any issues using it…until I decided to update the firmware when prompted during our dinner. Our babysitter texted me saying there were voices coming out of the webcam…in Japanese! OOPS. MY BAD. It was waking up Lyra and it wouldn’t stop saying things so she had to unplug it. #winning #wereawful

We felt really stupid. The babysitter was probably thinking who are these people? But she actually was fine. When we got home Lyra was asleep in her arms.

It was an adventurous night out! I’m sure Lyra will find it funny when she’s older.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Chris! You look stunning! Glad you were able to enjoy a nice meal out together.

    Sorry that the XiaoMi camera caused issues after the software update. I hope you can get it to work again. Let me know if you have any issues and we can do a Wechat video call to set it back up!


  2. Happy anniversary lady!! That is so hilarious with the baby monitor. 🙂

    And yay I can finally comment on your blog!! (Always had trouble commenting on blogger as it never would let me.) Welcome to WordPress!


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