Dear Baby

Chris and I wrote this letter to our baby a few weeks ago and I intended to post it last week but I guess baby had other plans!

On Monday, August 10th we welcomed Lyra Roseminh Selin at 3:15pm. She weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces and measured 18.5 inches.

Here’s what we had to say:

Hello Baby!

You’re almost here! I want you to know we’re very excited for you to arrive. Your Daddy has this image of you busting through the front door with a suitcase in each hand. He is silly like that. Almost as much as your Momma. I hope you don’t mind but I really want to dress you up in fun costumes. But your Dad keeps telling me you’re not a pet dog, WHICH consequently gave me the idea to get your outfits at Petsmart. Don’t worry. He vetoed that idea. (Realistically, your arms and legs would be hard to line up.)

We named you after someone who is playful, smart, unruly and fearless. We hope you will be all these things. You don’t have to like cooking, or skiing, or camping (seriously, you don’t have to like camping). It would make us happy if you were nobody but yourself. I want you to have your father’s patience and reserved nature but it’s okay to be impulsive too! Pee into the wind! (Figuratively.) Daddy hopes you’ll be a hard worker like Momma. Do what you feel is right and don’t take no for an answer.

We can’t wait to show you San Francisco, have you play in the dirt and just see how blue the sky can be. Daddy can’t wait to show you what nature has to offer. And, we can’t wait to have you taste mangoes, ice cream, avocados and broccoli! We’re already excited to take you on your first adventure – a plane ride to New York.

We hope you will always be present in each moment of life as it unfolds. Aka, put down your iPhone and look up at this beautiful world we live in! Take all of it in. Life is fleeting.

You’ll have to forgive us since we’re new at parenthood and you’re kind of like our first pancake. The first pancake is the one that is always a little funkier and more unusual than the other pancakes. I am a first pancake so I should know! But we will always be the people you need us to be. We are already your biggest fans.


Momma & Daddy

2 thoughts on “Dear Baby

  1. Congrats to both of you!! You will be incredible parents!!! John Selin is my cousin and i know the wonderful Selin traits as my mother is a Selin….and DEAR Lyra, i grew up knowing your Great- Great Grandparents…..they are smiling down on you as i type 🙂


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