35 weeks

I’m in my last two weeks of summer camp. The kids this week are super adorable and made me this flower crown from the garden. They could have a business going! 

How far along are you? 35 weeks and 5 days

Weight gain? About 17 pounds. I’m thinking I’ll reach 20 pounds when all is said and done. 

Cravings? I noticed I want to eat more ice cream. Maybe it’s because San Francisco is actually hot! Maybe it’s because I am always sweating…

Generally feeling? Really tired these days and super winded all the time. It’s like I’m catching my breath. I’m also feeling lots of movement! This baby is partying like it’s 1999 in there.

Looking forward to? Not being pregnant! I mostly miss my old clothes. I’m also excited to meet this baby! 

Fears? Last week it was giving birth which was a total 180 from a month ago. I went down a bad rabbit hole online so now I’m avoiding Google like the plague. This week, I’m worried about how our small 1-bedroom apartment is going to contain all three of us. I also panicked because I realized we literally had nothing for the baby so I went on a shopping spree online after sending out a frantic email to all the mommas I know for their advice. 

What I’ve been loving? I have really enjoyed slowing down. It’s nice to just take it easy and really savor the last few weeks of pre-baby time.

Maternity clothes? I started to wear my non-maternity clothes, especially the bigger sweaters and tees. I just like my old clothes better. 

Gender? Still a secret until August!

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