Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls and ALL the Corgis

Yesterday was the NorCal Corgi Conference at Ocean Beach and of course Chris and I went to partake in all the corgi cuteness. The official count was 463 corgis! There were corgis of all different kinds – Pembroke and Cardigan, tri-colored, red and white, sable, corgi mixes, corgis with GoPros attached to them, corgis in tutus, and corgis in banana suits or minion costumes. It was sensory overload. Like Agnes said, they were “so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

It took a lot of self-restraint not to steal a corgi. One day…

This weekend Chris and I also made cinnamon rolls! We treated ourselves to this ooey gooey classic breakfast pastry. I’ve made cinnamon rolls before but only the quick kind and this was the first time I made yeasted cinnamon rolls. It’s so worth the effort!

It took minimal planning. We made the brioche dough the day before on Saturday and let the dough rise overnight in the fridge. On Sunday morning, I rolled it out, added the filling and made the glaze and into the oven they went. In half an hour we had delicious, warm, sweet cinnamon rolls!

We used the cinnamon roll recipe from Aida Mollenkamp’s book, Keys to the Kitchen. I’d highly recommend it!  


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