29 weeks

We’re in the third trimester! Chris says it seems like I’ve been pregnant forever, which sounds horrible  by the way, but I beg to differ. When we first found out, I had oodles of time on my hands and it did feel like the days were dragging on especially because I was feeling nauseous. But now, between consulting and Bay Leaf, I’m working about 10 hours a day so time is really flying.

On our babymoon trip to Cabo

How far along are you? 29 weeks.

Weight gain? I think close to 12 or 13 pounds. People keep on saying how “small” I look but here’s the thing people, the weight is seriously all in my thighs. I feel the weight gain there more than anywhere else. Plus we just saw the doctor two days ago and she said that the baby is growing normally and is at the right weight!
Cravings? I don’t think I have any to be honest. I know some women who absolutely need to have something but I have been eating pretty much the same.

Generally feeling? Great most of the time! Though lately I’ve dreaded getting out of bed in the morning, but that’s probably a normal non-pregnant thing. And the baby is so active now! At first, it was like awww, the baby’s moving. Now it’s like, baby, stop moving! It hurts the most when the baby steps on my organs such as my bladder- which is P-A-I-N-F-U-L. Sometimes the baby punches or kicks me so hard, it literally knocks me out of my seat. This baby will probably grow up to be a UFC Champion or a ninja.

Looking forward to? Honestly, probably giving birth at this point as weird as that sounds. Lets do this! (But in 10 or 11 weeks.)

Fears? Killing my husband. Things are gonna be harry in the beginning so let’s be real. I just don’t want to kill each other. 
What I’ve been loving? Imagining what our baby will look like! I like to think the baby could get Chris’ blue eyes – how cool would that be?!

Maternity clothes? I bought a couple more items from Target such as a basic tee and a basic tank dress. I don’t think I’ll buy any more clothes at this point even if I do get bigger. I can still pull off some of my bigger non-maternity tees so that should tie me over.

Gender? Still a secret until August!

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