23 Weeks

Two days away from the 6 month mark and time is flying by. I am looking more “pregnant” these days though some people I have met lately could not have guessed it – like this guy I met on Monday at a bar who offered me a beer. No, it’s not what you think! It was at a happy hour fundraiser for Bay Leaf Kitchen and the guy was the craft beer supplier who donated beer for the event. It seems all the flowy tops I own cover up my bump a little too well.

How far along are you? 23 weeks and 5 days.

Weight gain? About 10 pounds. 4 pounds up from my last weigh-in! I definitely feel it in my thighs more than anything. 
Cravings? I’ve been eating lots of fruit. Mango with some sea salt is my latest thing which Chris finds absolutely appalling! I’ve been salting fruit my whole life, can’t stop now! Is that weird?

Generally feeling? Really good. I don’t feel sick anymore and I am able to keep up with my busy schedule. I stopped taking naps in the afternoon too.

Looking forward to? Going home to see my family in a couple weeks! This is the first real time I am seeing them after telling everyone the news. 

Fears? Getting bigger. It’s not really a fear but it just feels strange how much my body is changing. I am ecstatic for this baby but some days, and only some days, I feel like I’m staging an alien hostile takeover inside of me and there’s nothing I can do about it. 
What I’ve been loving? Making some fun stuff for the baby such as a DIY baby mobile. I kind of forgot how much I love going to craft stores.

Maternity clothes? Still the same. I wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy tops or Chris’ shirts, hehe. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of maternity tops and I am trying not to buy anymore. Though I pretty much live in my maternity leggings.

Gender? Still keeping it a secret until August!

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