20 Weeks

Holy moly, we are half way there! I can’t really imagine having a BABY in 20 weeks. I know, I should have thought about that before. I guess what I mean is that I can’t believe this is actually happening. As for showing, it totally depends on what I’m wearing. Oddly enough, when I wear maternity clothes I look more pregnant.

How far along are you? 20 weeks and 1 day.

Weight gain? About 6 pounds. 
Cravings? I don’t have any particular strong cravings and pretty much eat the same way I was eating pre-pregnancy. I do tend to make more comfort meals now like pasta or chicken and biscuits. I also am eating red meat again which I do crave from time to time.

Generally feeling? Not too bad now. I have more energy and my cold is slowly going away.

Looking forward to? Signing up for birthing classes so I can stop googling things like, “what hurts more – appendicitis or childbirth,” and “how to not kill my husband in the delivery room.” 

Fears? I have so many right now. One of them is not being able to stay fit throughout pregnancy. I workout about five times a week rotating between Barre and Pilates. It’s gotten tougher because I get so easily out of breath. Luckily both Barre and Pilates are low impact. I definitely can’t do any of the plyo circuit training I was doing before which is totally OK with me. 
What I’ve been loving? Clearing out our shoebox to make room for the baby. It feels good to get rid of a lot of stuff we’ve been hanging on to. I laugh when people tell me it’s okay if you don’t have the nursery decorated by the time the baby arrives. If only they knew the “nursery” is going to be a corner in our bedroom…

Maternity clothes? Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit but I am now wearing maternity bottoms almost exclusively. Those stretchy panels are great! 

Gender? Keeping it a secret until August! We did create a registry though and you can check it out here. And yes, we are cloth diapering! No, we’re not crazy. And yes, we know about the poop. 

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