Apples and Carrots, Oh My

Apples and carrots, carrots and apples. We are up to our eyeballs in apples and carrots.

This past Sunday, Bay Leaf Kitchen participated in Sunday Streets, a fun outdoor street festival in SF that promotes health and well-being. Capay Organic was generous in donating all the produce we needed that day…and then some.

Look at our fridge!

It’s bananas people. Or carrots more accurately. Our fridge was filled to the brim with carrots. We used up about half so now the remainder of the carrots are in the fridge, or in a crate in our kitchen where the leftover apples are also taking over prime real estate making it a fun, little maze. I’ve been handing out carrots and apples left and right to everyone I’ve seen this week. I even tipped our delivery guy tonight with two bundles of carrots. He said it was the best tip he’s gotten all week. Great! I think?

We are totally stepping it up with the antioxidants and vitamin A. I just hope I don’t turn orange. Orange and pregnant. Cats out of the bag now!

My ultrasound from 11 weeks. You can see an arm!
It was hard to keep it a secret. It seems the norm is to not spill the beans until the second trimester but we ended up telling our friends and family much earlier. We had a rough start to the pregnancy and it felt good to have a support system. 
I was able to get an appointment with the OB the day before we were to fly out to NY for the holidays. We went from the highest high to the lowest low in seconds after the very eager nurse practitioner declared in such a gung ho manner that our pregnancy was not viable. I think a revisit to patient care wouldn’t be a bad idea for her. I’m not a doctor but after binge watching 11 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in two and a half months, I think you try and deliver bad news a little less enthusiastically. Anyways, we left the doctor’s office thinking I had to prepare for surgery because the pregnancy looked ectopic. We cancelled our flights home and waited for two days for the test results. It was not fun. 
It was nerve-wracking waiting. I hated the idea of surgery, more so than losing the baby truthfully. I was told this surgery would require general anesthesia which really freaked me out and I was absolutely dreading it. 
Thankfully, we heard good news. It was major relief. I was monitored over the next few weeks and we started to tell more people. I am still waiting for that glowing pregnant feeling. So far, I feel very tired all the time and I get agitated very quickly. Sorry Chris!

I’ve also done a fair amount of googling things I can and cannot eat. Here’s a sample of my recent searches:

“pregnancy anchovies”
“pregnancy pea shoots”
“pregnancy fish sauce”
“pregnancy fontina”
“pregnancy lobster”

P.S. all okay things to eat. Yay!

The thing I miss the most surprisingly is eating things made out of raw egg. More specifically, aioli, pudding, and Cesar dressing. And SALAMI! For some weird reason, I am craving salami. Deli meat is a big no because of blah, blah, blah. It’s all the same to me.

So if I am being a bitch, its because I just really want a salami sandwich smothered in aioli.
I’m making a human being! 🙂 Forgive me?


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