Hello 2015!

I’ve been feeling very unmotivated to write if you couldn’t tell. The last time I posted was in September – yikes! Yes, I’ve been busy but not really since I still manage to fit in hours of Netflix binge watching so I can’t be that busy. (I’ve gotten through six and a half seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in about three weeks.)

Seattle: my new favorite city in 2014.
I think sometimes I really like having nothing to do. It’s so calming and peaceful to just sit down and do nothing. Like stare-at-a-wall nothing. It makes up for all the times when I’m working long hours and running from one meeting to the next (or double booking myself and then realizing, and then secretly hoping one of them will cancel so I don’t look bad).
Kara: still my favorite corgi.

I’m very excited for 2015. Lots happening in life and work. This weekend we are heading back to NY! Who gets married in NY in January? 😉


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