Minnesota State Fair

…aka the new happiest place on Earth! That is, if you like to eat fried food on-a-stick, check out tractors and rodeo shows, admire butter sculptures, go on carnival rides, and watch farm animals giving birth, the Minnesota State Fair is definitely way better than Disneyland! It was so much fun, I want to go every year.

Top left to right clockwise: Fried pickles!, Blue cheese corn fritters were to die for, Big fat bacon on a stick, Spaghetti and meatballs on a stick.

Chris and I flew to Minnesota over Labor Day weekend for a wedding. The wedding was at an Environmental Learning Center in Spicer, MN which is located about 2 hours west of Minneapolis. It was so beautiful!

Compared to California, Minnesota is so green and lush…and full of corn. If there was one word to describe our whole trip, it would probably be ‘corn.’ We drove through a lot of corn fields on the way to Spicer. I’m pretty sure we ate corn at least twice a day, every day we were in Minnesota. It was really delicious.

Eating roasted corn with butter and salt at the State Fair.

My favorite part of the fair, besides the glorious yet reprehensible gluttony, was definitely the fried corn fritters with chimichurri sauce. It was utterly exquisite and perfect in all its fried glory – soft and chewy on the inside with a nice, golden crisp exterior that was well seasoned. The bleu cheese added a nice creamy, velvety texture to the corn fritter and didn’t overpower the taste of the sweet corn. It was literally the most perfect thing I’ve ever eaten. Drool.

Also high on my list was the freshly made ice cream. We ordered the chocolate vanilla sundae with strawberry rhubarb. It was to die for. I would honestly go back just to get the ice cream next year. We really liked Sweet Martha’s cookies too which I learned is an iconic institution at the MN State Fair. Imagine getting an overfilled bucket (or cone) of warm, ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookies that just melt in your mouth. In the 12 days the fair is open, Sweet Martha’s grosses $2.5 million dollars! That’s a lot of cookies.

So many things to eat, so little time (and stomach space). Next time, we’ll have to plan spending at least a few days at the fair to cover all the things we want to eat/do. I didn’t even mention there are live concerts each night! See how awesome this fair is?


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