Cooking and Baking From My CSA Box

The first week of Bay Leaf Kitchen summer camp was awesome! I was so beat last Friday coming back from Eatwell Farm. We had so much fun cooking and laughing the whole week but it was definitely tiring. Monday morning though, we all agreed, we missed our campers! And especially these baby chicks:

I was hesitant at first with picking them up since I have an aversion to farm animals. But after holding just one in my hand, I was on the baby chick band wagon. They are absolutely adorable and will melt any one’s heart. 
As a nice treat, every camper and staff member were given a CSA box from Eatwell filled with wonderful produce from the farm such as Swiss chard, zucchini, potatoes, peaches, STRAWBERRIES!!!, and lots of basil, rosemary and oregano – more fresh herbs than I ever know what to do with them. For dinner Friday night, we made roasted potatoes and a salad with zucchini and plums. And after making a pesto and zucchini, basil and broccoli soup – all destined for the freezer (remember the freezer is your friend!) – I switched to baking mode to try and use up the rest of the box. 
Out came mini loaves, lots of them. First up, two types of zucchini bread. One with pecans and the other with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries. (If you couldn’t already tell, there was A LOT of zucchini in the CSA box.) 
I was also able to make zucchini muffins too! They are all in the freezer with the pesto and soup. Lastly, I made a rosemary, olive oil and chocolate bread. YUM. Look out for the recipe post soon on the Bay Leaf Kitchen blog!
I’m in NY now for my cousin’s wedding! Which reminds me, I need to work on my speech…eeeps. 

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