Dhaka Revisited: Two Years Later

I never thought I would return to Dhaka much less ever go in the first place. But here I am!

Gulshan Avenue

It’s always nice to travel to a place of familiarity. Though I forgot how darn long it takes to get here – 14 hours from San Francisco to Hong Kong, then 4 hours to Singapore, with an 8 hour layover, then another 4 hours to Dhaka. Transiting in Singapore was actually fun in hindsight. I didn’t leave the airport this time but honestly you don’t need to. There is so much to do in Changi Airport, it’s almost like a little town.

May is supposedly the start of monsoon season but I’ve been lucky so far. There hasn’t been much rain and when there is, it doesn’t last long.

This time around since I know what to expect I am a teensy bit excited to be here (it is still Dhaka after all). Since I did all the “touristy” things last time I am looking forward to exploring more restaurants and shops, not that there are many. I’m heading out to the Nordic Club today. The clubs (American Club, Dhaka Club, British Club, etc) in Dhaka are where expats go to hang out, socialize, and drink. I can see this getting old really quickly since there are only a handful of them. OK, time to get out of this hotel! …and into another insulated area. 

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