Vietnam: Our Honeymoon in 10 Photos

Vietnam was incredible! I almost don’t want to encourage people to visit because I don’t want it to be overrun with tourists, but honestly, you should go…and go now! Before it gets touristy and all…

Chris and I did a South-to-North tour of Vietnam. We started in Ho Chi Minh City, and made our way to Phu Quoc, then Hoi An and Hue, and lastly, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

Here is a glimpse of our trip:

This is the usual scene on the streets of HCMC and Hanoi: people gathered on the streets perched on little stools cooking and sharing food.

The best breakfast ever! The classic banh mi sandwich with an egg. And it only cost $1!

 Fresh coconut!

The seafood market in Hoi An:

Cha Ca Va Long – the best meal I had in all of Vietnam! White fish seasoned with fish sauce, shrimp paste, and tumeric served with fresh noodles and morning glory, topped with dill.

Girls dressed in ao dai – the Vietnamese dress.

Water buffalo in hiding:

And here’s a gratuitous #honeymoonselfie:

More pictures and details to come! I am actually taking a red eye tonight to NYC. (Please note I am not the jet-setter I appear to be.)

4 thoughts on “Vietnam: Our Honeymoon in 10 Photos

  1. I had to laugh, like Vietnam is a secret tourist spot now. I went there in 2000 and I thought the same thing then, I wasn't going to tell anybody how beautiful and fantastic the country was. I love that country. I lived there for the last 6 years and now I and my family live in Oregon. All I want to do is go back. Your lovely pictures make me miss it more.


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