"Mini-Honeymooning" in Mendocino

Rain, rain, and more rain! I am the LAST person to ever want it to rain but California is in a drought so I can let it slide. And everyone is so happy about the rain. Who am I to be the party pooper? 

Thankfully it wasn’t raining last weekend when Chris and I went North to Mendocino for our “mini-honeymoon.” Our plan was to have no plans, to just relax and basically do nothing. It was the perfect getaway. 
Big River Beach
Mendocino is a sleepy coastal town about three hours North of SF. Its a super tiny town at a little over 7 square miles total and a population of roughly 900. Tiny, right? I mean that’s how many people probably live in half a square meter in NYC. Regardless, Chris and I were both excited to go since we had never really driven along the Northern coast before. I heard a lot of great things about Mendocino and it seems to be a popular place to go right after you get married! 
We stayed downtown at the MacCallum House Inn, which was very cozy despite being a Victorian mansion. It had the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had! The eggs were cooked perfectly and they served it with homemade sourdough bread – swoon. We didn’t get around to having dinner here, but I can imagine it is also excellent. 
Since the town is so small, Chris and I pretty much walked the whole downtown all before lunchtime. There are a lot of cute shops, from a store that just sells jams to one that just sells socks, and even an organic grocery store housed in an old church! It’s a very quaint place and I mean that as a compliment. We ended up going to the bookshop three times during our trip, and to this one particular cafe twice because we liked them so much. 
The Good Life Cafe and Bakery – must come here!
Honestly we didn’t mind that there wasn’t much to do because most of our time in Mendocino was spent reading, taking pictures, and drawing. I bought my sketchpad with me and it was awesome just to draw and be creative. (If any of these drawings turn out to be remotely good, I might post some.) 
We even rented a DVD to watch (how novel!). We saw East of Eden, a James Dean flick loosely based on John Steinbeck’s novel of the same name, that was filmed in Mendocino, even though the movie took place in Monterey, CA. Chris and I both fell asleep halfway through…
Two days in Mendocino was exactly what we needed after getting back from NY. I’m even glad we visited in the off-season since it was quieter and much more peaceful. It’s nice to know Mendocino is not too far if we ever need to take a moment to pause again! 
Mendocino Headlands: watching the sunset
Now back to the rain…

One thought on “"Mini-Honeymooning" in Mendocino

  1. That cookie looks so good. I can't find a good homemade baked cookie in China. I may just have to make my own, but I am way to lazy to buy all the ingredients and make it.

    Looks like a super relaxing and beautiful mini honeymoon!


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