The Wonderful Happened

Wow, married life is so different and I feel like a whole new person.

No, that’s not true at all.

Nothing truly feels any different except I now don’t have to pay for health insurance (thanks Chris!).

With the wedding behind us, I think in the next job interview if they ask me for my qualifications, I will tell them, “Forget Masters degree and working with multicultural teams in difficult conditions, did you know I planned a wedding from the opposite side of the country? Oh, and I also teach kindergartners how to cook and use real knives and I haven’t lost any fingers yet!”

Maybe that’s not going to work.

Here are some pics from the wedding:

I’m trying to steal a bite of food in between talking to people.

Bridesmaids and cousins!
Group dance. That’s right.

Me and my dad getting down ❤
Hee. Love this photo.

Our photographer, Fabrice, is super talented and captured the day beautifully. Here’s a slide show of our wedding that he put together just 4 days later!

Overall, the wedding was so much fun. The whole week was actually. I loved getting to hang out with family and friends leading up to the ‘big day’ and after. It was really sad leaving NY and my family, but I’ll be back soon. Plus, I’m getting used to not wearing a jacket in the wintertime so I’m happy to be back in California. Chris and I are heading up to Mendocino this weekend for some R & R. No more planning!


3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Happened

  1. LOVE THE PHOTOS! The slideshow was absolutely gorgeous too. It really captured the magic of the day. 🙂 I wish I could have been there. Congratulations to you and Chris! So happy for both of you!!!


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