Top 10 Moments of 2013

Chris and I both spent New Year’s Eve on an airplane. Though I did get to fly first class on the way back so that was fun. It really is that much better. I wish I could afford to do that all the time but alas…

I am inspired by my friend Jackie’s top 10 moments of 2013 to make my own list. 2013 was a crazy, packed year. From leaving my job, to getting engaged, to traveling to 5 countries and road-tripping down to Palm Springs and back – I almost can’t believe I managed to squeeze it all in! Below are my favorite moments from 2013, in no particular order:

1. Lets start with Paris shall we? I have more reasons to be enamored with the City of Lights since Chris surprised me and proposed under the Eiffel Tower. I’m going to cheat a little because my whole trip to Paris, from beginning to end, was filled with amazing moments that I can’t really name one moment. I will always hold a soft spot for this city. From partaking in an epic croissant crawl with Jackie (to which I think my arteries are still clogged from), to experiencing some of the best meals I’ve ever had from Chef Pierre Sang Boyer and Chef Christian Constant, and to visiting the Palace of Versailles, Paris est le meilleur.

2. Eating BBQ in Austin, TX. Finally I made it to the city that has been on my bucket list ever since I started keeping one. Austin’s overall food scene rivaled that of SF. My cousins and I all gained 5 pounds from this trip for sure. All to the tune of live music – which was everywhere including the flagship Whole Foods, which we may or may not have visited every day of our trip…

3. Watching the Boston Marathon in Kenmore Square. I love Boston and I am so happy I got to visit during Marathon weekend. I’ll never forget how the attacks shut down the entire city. Despite all that happened, I feel lucky to have been surrounded by friends and family during the tragedy that unfolded.

4. Jogging on the Beach in San Diego. After our road trip down the coast, I could definitely see why people love to live there. What’s there to complain about? There’s too much sun, the water is too warm, and the fish tacos taste too fresh. Yea, it’s a hard life.

5. Punting on the River Cam in Cambridge, UK and not falling in the river. Cambridge is such a charming city and I had a great time visiting my friend Elizabeth. I learned that everything sounds better with a British accent and that you can get a mug with the Queen’s corgis on it from Marks & Spencer. I’m still kicking myself for not getting that mug…and the matching plates.

6. Celebrating our respective engagements, in Portland, Oregon. We’re all going to be family! It was so much fun seeing each other for the first time after we both got engaged. It made exploring Portland that much more exciting.

7.  Skiing a half-pipe at Squaw and subsequently injuring my ACL, MCL, and MPFL. It only sounds painful now. Most of it has healed though I’m not quite sure I’m ready to hit the slopes again. Perhaps I’ll try my luck as a ski bunny in 2014?

8. Having Jacques Torres throw a chocolate almond in my mouth to see if I can catch it at this year’s Food & Wine Grand Tasting at Pebble Beach. His chocolates are divine. I wish I had some right now!

9. Seeing the sunset in Guam. I never thought I would visit this country but thankfully my coworker at the time convinced me to go. It was such a beautiful place with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

10. Eating authentic ramen in Tokyo. I have had more layovers in Tokyo’s Narita airport than I can count and I am happy to say I finally made it out of the airport and into the city! I was fortunate to stay with my friend Mark who showed me his local haunts. My one request was ramen and he did not disappoint!

And in 20 more days, I will already have one of my favorite moments of 2014 🙂 Cheesy, I know. So sue me. By the way, I’m totally bringing back that phrase for 2014. That and “all that and a bag of chips.”

Kara thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.

And she kind of is.

So it begins. Happy 2014!


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