Presidio Bay Area Ridge Trail

I think I’ve been teetering on the verge of being sick for at least a week now. Its pretty miserable. I have a cough that only comes at night right before I go to bed and I sound like Patty and Selma from The Simpsons. And last weekend when my friend Fauna was in town, I completely lost my voice and could barely squeak out any audible words. That was a fun time.

The silent hike – at the top of Mt. Tam.

At least this weekend I sound less like a chain smoker and more like Rachael Ray after a night of drinking. It’s a huge improvement plus I discovered how easy it is to make homemade ginger tea! Literally just ginger and hot water. It’s so soothing and feels great for my sore throat.

Chris and I went hiking again this past Saturday. This time we stayed in SF and headed out to the Presidio. We really should get out there more often seeing as how its in the city and super convenient to get to. We hiked along the Bay Area Ridge Trail which is about 2.8 miles out and back – very easy hike.

I loved all the trees we saw. It was very pretty and gave a mystical feel to the hike! If there ever was a place to hide something…perhaps a dead body, er I mean some object, this would be the place. Not that we are planning on that anytime soon/ever, but you know how these thoughts cross your mind.

Lovely dense forests, perfect for hiding or burying things.

And the trail led to the Golden Gate Bridge, which I still like to “ooh” and “aah” at like I’m a tourist. There is something about this bridge that I love to admire.

All in all, the hike was easy peasy and great for a relaxing weekend hike. Its definitely on our list of places to take out of town guests 🙂

2 thoughts on “Presidio Bay Area Ridge Trail

  1. It's going to sound weird but a Chinese remedy is to boil Coke with a lot of ginger. I can't explain it but it helps my throat a lot. That picture of you and Chris is really cute!


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