All the Corgis!

If my friends were to play a word association game with the word “corgi,” I guarantee the first word that would come to mind is – me! (Well me or the Queen, but this post isn’t about her.) Corgis are so freakin’ cute; they’re my favorite. I love them so much that I get emails and texts from friends all the time whenever they see a corgi, read about a corgi, or do anything corgi-related.

Young Kara playing with her favorite pillow.

And with my birthday coming up (woo!) I received a salt and pepper corgi shaker set from my brother in the mail today. I also got a card from my family signed by my Mom, Dad and sis, and who else but Kara (she has excellent penmanship). Just thinking about corgis makes me happy so I thought I would make a list of my all-time favorite corgi sites and some of my favorite pics of Kara, of course! *Feel free to leave this post now if you don’t want to spend hours looking at corgis. I won’t be offended.

Corgis Begging For Stuff

Thanks Daniel for sending me this site! I love the looks of these crazed corgis as they beg for stuff.

Corgis. Get some.

Kara made this blog!

Overall, this is a cute blog for a daily dose of corgis.

Tiberius The Corgi

A corgi that lives in SF!

38 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Irrefutable Proof That Corgis Are Actually Secretly Superheroes

This cake is bonkers. 
And lastly, but not least – Pictures of Kara

No – that’s not a mouse! It was our pet hamster, “Cookie,” one of Kara’s friends.

Hope you got your corgi fix! Now it’s time for me to enjoy my birthday weekend 🙂


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