Summer Bucket List

Summer is officially here! And the 10-day forecast for SF shows temperatures in the mid-60s.

NY or Boston? Looks like an average high of 83 degrees F.


Well Chris and I are going down to Santa Cruz this weekend for some beach weather. As of today, it looks like it will be 72 degrees F. We’ll take it.

This summer is already looking to be a busy one. Between weddings, bachelorette parties, and weekend trips away (and planning our own wedding!), Chris and I came up with a bucket list. It’s a short list of our top five things we want to accomplish this summer.

Summer bucket list:

  1. Volunteer on a farm: We want to get our hands dirty! (As long as I’m not near any farm animals.)
      1. See a concert at Stern Grove Festival: Free music in the middle of Stern Grove park = pretty cool. Though looking at the line-up, I have no clue who any of these people are. But I do love live music outdoors.
          1. Visit the Asian Art Museum: This has been something we wanted to do for awhile. The last time we tried to go, it was on one of those Bank of America sponsored museum days and the line to get in was way too long. So we left and ate lunch instead. 
          2. Go rock climbing: It feels like everyone is doing it these days so we’re going to be followers and do what’s trendy. (Just this once though.)
              1. Day at Six Flags: For reals. The last time I went to a Six Flags was back in Boston a million years ago. We only went on two rides that day. It was poorly planned. But so much fun! 
              So the list is not epic or anything – we’re not signing up for a triathlon, going skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. To be honest, I have a feeling we’ll barely finish this list by summer’s end!

              What’s on your summer bucket list? 

              2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

              1. Fun! I like the looks of your bucket list.

                p.s. at least it doesn't rain during our “summer” like it does in Boston/NYC. Just trying to point out the silver lining. 😉


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