Joshua Tree National Park: Cooking in the Desert (Road Trip – Part 3)

Man, I like heat, but being cooked in direct sunlight is definitely not something I like. On the last leg of our road trip, Chris and I headed to the desert.

We made a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park (with U2 blasting on the stereo). Joshua trees are pretty interesting looking. They kind of have a Seussical-Tim-Burtonesque feel. And let me tell you, they do not provide much shade.

After enjoying the beaches in San Diego we drove out to Palm Springs. Palm Springs is a peculiar city. As we were driving through the (brown) mountains we could see patches of green in the valley where the city is located. Its weird to think of this ritzy and fancy place in the middle of the blazing desert. We stayed at the best Airbnb ever in the Movie Colony neighborhood. It is named so because in the 1930s, many Hollywood stars built their vacation home in Palm Springs. There’s even a 26-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe since she loved the city so much!

View of Palm Springs

What’s there to do in Palm Springs? Relax for one thing! It was awesome lounging by the pool and catching up on reading. We ordered takeout for dinner and watched the sunset by the pool too. Its a kind of life I could get used to. On the second day, we headed to Joshua Tree National Park. Its a weird place to be honest, and that just might be because of the eccentric nature of Joshua trees.

While there, we hiked Ryan Mountain which is a 3-mile trail – 1.5 miles up and 1.5 miles down. Normally I feel like 3 miles would be an easy-peasy hike for me. But I underestimated what hiking is like in 102 degrees F weather. It was so hot I seriously thought my face was melting off. It was the only time I wished there was a concession stand at the peak with AC-seating and lemonade slushies (screw nature).

Though I’m really happy we went. The views are truly unique and gorgeous.

Plus we learned its a great place for rock climbers. Apparently you can take lessons there. So who knows, maybe will even come back!

2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park: Cooking in the Desert (Road Trip – Part 3)

  1. I would have died in that heat. It is in the 90's in Hong Kong and I already feel like I can't breathe when I step outside. I'm impressed you hiked! Great photos, as always!


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