San Diego: Staying Classy (Road Trip – Part 2)

San Diego.

The first thing that comes to mind is Anchorman and a whale’s…never mind. Speaking of which, Will Ferrel was filming Anchorman 2 at Sea World while we were down there.

Ocean Beach

I love the vibe of San Diego. It felt very relaxed and chill. The people were really nice and it was the perfect beach weather. I always liked going to the beach in the summer. It stinks that summer in SF means corduroy pants and light turtlenecks. Oh how I miss going to the beach!

After leaving LA, we headed to San Diego via San Clemente. It was nice to break up the drive with a night with our friends, Candice and Vince. In San Diego, we stayed in Pacific Beach, two blocks away from the ocean. It was great. I walked around barefoot from the apartment to the beach and wasn’t worried about stepping in poop like I am in SF (true story). In the morning while Chris was surfing, I went for a run on the beach.

Pacific Beach

PB was fun but we spent most of our time walking around La Jolla. La Jolla is a cute neighborhood that has lots of shopping stores and restaurants. If you’re looking for a good breakfast spot I would recommend The Cottage. The food is delicious and the portions are generous.

Also equally good is Whisknladle, a gastropub that makes mostly everything from scratch right down to their condiments and simple syrups. Chris and I had an awesome dinner there. In between eating, we walked along the coastline in La Jolla which has some spectacular views. 

There were some guys skimming (or skimboarding) which I’ve never heard of before but it’s basically just gliding on the water’s surface. You would wait until a big wave recedes and then surf it from the beach.

We walked down to La Jolla Cove to see the seals. Seals are smelly by the way. They look cute but they do not smell cute.

Downtown San Diego is nice too. We didn’t get to much besides the Gaslamp Quarter. I really wanted to check out more of the downtown areas like Little Italy and Old Town but we had so little time. Also on the list for our next trip is Coronado!

Hopefully we’ll stay longer next time we visit. Until then, stay classy San Diego 🙂

6 thoughts on “San Diego: Staying Classy (Road Trip – Part 2)

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