Chocolate Covered Cereal and My Kitchen Disaster

You know when you see on TV someone getting a drink splashed in their face and you think, “that looks unpleasant.” Well, it is. Technically I did not get a drink thrown in my face, but a pot of ice cold water did “explode” in my face this past weekend. It was indeed a hilarious moment as I stood in my kitchen soaking from head to toe. This was just part of the string of bad luck I’ve had lately while baking. Good thing these chocolate-covered cereal do not require any baking!

I first saw these while Chris and I were on vacation in Spain this past winter. Milka is the brand behind “Crispy Snax” which is essentially cornflakes,  raisins, and chocolate. It is so easy to make!
So why did a pot of ice cold water explode in my face? Well, I guess I never really understood the properties of steam and pressure. I created my own double boiler with two small pots and about half way into the process, I heard a loud thump. I didn’t realize until after I went to pick up the top pot, that the two were stuck together! I inadvertently created a vacuum seal with the two pots. (Thankfully it did not ruin what I was melting in the top pot!) After troubleshooting online (I am not alone!) Chris resolved to fix the situation by filling the top pot with water and ice and placing the stuck pots into the freezer to chill. Then he put the pots back on the burner on low heat, and slowly increased it to high. 

Then he sat back down at his computer. 
I went to see if I could pry the top pot off, not realizing there was a darn good reason Chris walked away. Five seconds later – THUMP – SPLASH! The top pot POPPED off the bottom pot and I got drenched. And burned. Did I mention the bottom pot had boiling water in it? My right hand was holding the handle of the top pot and it got a bit scorched. 
And that’s just one episode of “Amy’s Kitchen Disasters”…
Now that I’m dry and added a proper double boiler to my amazon wish list, let’s talk about the quickest, and easiest dessert in the world. Inspired by the Milka chocolates, I decided to recreate it at home. Jacques Torres also makes something similar but instead of cornflakes, he has milk chocolate-covered cheerios. This creation is an ode to both with a mixture of cornflakes, cheerios, and raisins.  
There is no formal recipe since I pretty much eyeballed everything and threw things together based on my ‘feelings’ as my friend Jessica likes to say. I took about a cupful of each cereal with a handful of raisins and combined them into a large bowl. Next, I melted some bittersweet and semisweet chocolate in 10 second intervals in the microwave. Then I swirled the melted chocolate onto the cereal mixture until well mixed. Next I lined an 8’x8′ pan with parchment paper and dumped the cereal into the pan. I pressed it evenly down with my fingers and stuck the pan in the freezer for 10 minutes for it to harden. And voila! You can break off pieces to eat as you like. 
OK, back to the kitchen. Two more days until my first cake tasting 🙂 Pictures to come. 

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