Pierre Sang Boyer: My Favorite Restaurant in Paris

Operation “Bake All The Things” is in full swing. I’ve had cake for lunch and dinner (not for breakfast, that’s just silly) as of late. I am super excited for the upcoming cake tastings! I have discovered this awesome golden yellow cake. It’s so good I can’t wait to share it. Speaking of things that are so good, I had one of the best dining experiences in my life while in Paris at Pierre Sang Boyer’s restaurant.

Chef Sang giving the final topping to his desserts.
Pierre Sang was a finalist on Top Chef Paris! His cute corner restaurant on rue Oberkampf is a must stop if you are looking for a food experience that’s like any other. 
Born in South Korea, Pierre Sang grew up in France and learned to cook in kitchens in London and Lyon. His cuisine is a fusion of both Asian and French and wildly imaginative. If you are looking to eat at his restaurant, you should know they do not take reservations. Supposedly, there isn’t even a phone installed! Your best bet to avoid any wait would be to arrive as the restaurant is opening.  
Amuse bouche: Razor clams marinated in red wine with salsify, anise, pickled onions and olives.
Jackie and I came for lunch a little after 1pm on a Thursday and had a tiny wait of 5 minutes. We chose to sit at the bar so we can watch Pierre Sang and his chefs in action. Undoubtedly, they are the best seats in the house if you are food enthusiasts like us! 
First course: Smoked haddock with grapefruit rinds, cauliflower, shaved carrots, salsify, served with lemon sauce and herb foam. 
There is no “menu” to select from either. For lunch, you are simply asked if you would like 2 courses or 3 courses and if you have any food allergies. We chose the 3-course lunch for 30 euros. You can also order a glass of wine for 5 euros. 
I think we left drool marks at the bar watching our food being prepared.
Then Pierre and his chefs go to work making dishes with whatever market-fresh ingredients are on hand. The cooking is completely spontaneous and constantly changing so the appetizer dish you get could be different from the appetizer that was served half an hour ago to another restaurant patron. What a novel idea! I love it! 
Second course: Pork in red wine reduction served atop wild rice with napa cabbage, alongside mushrooms, fried garlic, and while shaved turnip. 
Jackie and I noticed with the second course, they ran out of mushrooms mid-service and had to substitute another vegetable, asparagus I believe, instead. Besides the amazing food, I found the staff to be ultra-friendly and easy-going. We got to talk to Pierre himself as well and he seems very down-to-earth. He was even washing dishes at one point! 
Cheese course: Cheese served with a coconut and yogurt cream sprinkled with white chocolate shavings and cracked black pepper.
By the time dessert was served, I found myself dreaming of moving to Paris and asking Pierre to mentor me in his kitchen. It would have started with something like, “Monsieur Pierre, vous êtes mon idole.” 
Third course: Opera cake with chocolate and coffee layers served in pineapple sauce with peas marinated in cardamom and tarragon, topped with a macaron and sliced strawberry.
Overall, this was my favorite restaurant of the whole trip. If I had to describe the whole experience in two words, they would be “I die,” to quote the boisterous fashionista, Rachel Zoe. I would have definitely begged Jackie to bring me here again if I had one more day in Paris. Hey, I never got to come here for dinner service! 

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