Quelle surprise! Engaged in Paris!

Holy cow – it turned out Chris did come after all. He surprised me in Paris with the help of my friend Jackie and asked me to marry him – we’re ENGAGED!

At Le Mur des “J’taime” or “I Love You” wall in Montmarte

It was very deceptive on both their parts. Jackie and I began the day with a croissant crawl (or promenade as I like I refer to it) where we taste tested croissants from seven, yes, seven, different bakeries. You can read all about it here. After we ate our weight in butter we rolled on over to Montmartre where I thought we would be meeting Jackie’s friend Diane…

It turns out “Diane” was actually Chris!

Chris had literally came straight from the airport to the restaurant. I could not believe it! I was in shock for all of lunch. He said he wanted to surprise me and join me in Paris since I had surprised him for his 30th birthday. After we walked around Montmartre and Sacre Coeur before heading back to Jackie’s to rest.

For dinner we all went to Les Papilles, a tiny wine shop and bistro near Luxembourg Gardens.  It’s a set dinner for 35 euros that comes with three courses plus a cheese course. It was so awesome, but it left me completely stuffed.

Les Papilles: Carrot and vegetable soup// beef braised in red wine with potatoes // blue cheese with figs // apple panna cotta

Chris mentioned wanting to go see the Eiffel Tower light show, though at that point I would have been content getting into my PJs and curling up in Jackie’s futon while watching the Voice (I am a party animal). Plus it was raining and who likes to go out in the rain? But I was game since Chris would only be in town for three days.

We made it to the light show just as it was starting. Even though I saw it the night before it was still amazing. Chris kissed me and I had a feeling something was going to happen. I can’t tell you exactly what he said next as he was down on one knee because it got blurry for me but I remember him saying something about “sparkly objects” and me saying “yes, it fits.” Squeals!

We went back to Jackie’s for some celebratory champagne with Invalides in the backdrop. It was a crazy, exhausting evening!

Chris and I toasting with Champagne on Jackie’s balcony overlooking Invalides

On Chris’ last day we went to Pont Neuf to place a love lock on the bridge. It was cheesy, romantic and very fitting. We are both so ecstatic!!!

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