Bonjour Paris: un croissant s’il vous plaît!

Je suis arrivée à Paris! It’s only been two days and I already don’t want to leave. (Chris – you may want to come and get me!)
Eiffel Tower lit up at night
How are the French so skinny? I mean seriously, I get that they eat smaller portions and walk a lot but let’s be honest, baguettes, crêpes, pain au chocolats, and foie gras are not light in calories. I may have already gained two pounds. So much for that new swimsuit I bought! 

After settling into Jackie’s apartment, we headed straight for Verjus for lunch. Interestingly enough, the owners are a couple from Seattle. Lunch is a bargain here at 15 euros which will get you a sandwich, a beverage, and a dessert. And their sandwiches are influenced from iconic sandwiches from the states! I’ve always wanted to try the fried chicken from Bakesale Betty in Oakland and it so happens Verjus features a fried chicken sandwich with cabbage slaw, shallots, parsley, and a spicy mustard vinaigrette à la Bakesale Betty. Go figure.

At Verjus: Jackie and I posing with the braised pork belly sandwich inspired from Mr. Chang’s Buns in NYC// fried chicken sandwich

After taking a walk along pont de l’archeveche near Notre Dame, we got ice cream at the premiere place for ice cream in Paris – Berthillon. (Jackie only recommends the best.) By the way, the line outside of Berthillon rivals that of Bi-rite in San Francisco. Standing in line we met two people from Boston. They went to Boston University even! Small world, huh? I’m happy to report that Berthillon is worth the wait.

Chocolat nougat…c’est fantastique!

For dinner, we headed to one of Chef Christian Constant’s lovely restaurants: Le Violon d’Ingres. It was freakin’ amazing. So amazing, I could die – yes, it was that good. Everything we ordered was a culinary work of art so much so that we hesitated to eat our food since we didn’t want to destroy the perfection that was in front of us. The first dish was a lightly fried soft poached egg with truffled butter toast. The textures were amazing between the gooey yolk and the toast.

We both ordered fish for our main courses. I had the almond crusted sea bass with spinach and capers, and the most wonderful sauce ever. Jackie ordered turbot with a lemon citrus sauce and grilled vegetables. I would recommend both. For dessert, we ordered the soufflé with grand marnier caramel. It was my first soufflé if you can believe that! It was amazing. I am hooked on soufflés now. I loved the light eggy taste with the rich caramel.

It was a fun filled first day in Paris. My mind is still in Boston and I am following the news eagerly here – just waiting and hoping something good will happen soon. More to come on the great eats and sights from the City of Lights. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Bonjour Paris: un croissant s’il vous plaît!

  1. Funny how you said in the beginning “(Chris – you may want to come and get me!)” Looks like he took you up on that. ; )


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