Boston: Marathon Monday

This was supposed to be a happy post. I have been in Boston for the past four days and I’ve had such a great time seeing friends and family. I was so looking forward to today. Marathon Monday, or Patriots’ Day as its also known, holds so many great memories for me. Being a student in Boston made me appreciate the holiday and I’ve cheered, screamed, and rang many a-cowbells for countless friends and strangers running. Last year in SF, I was lamenting how I couldn’t be in Boston for Marathon Monday so much so that I promised myself I would go this year.

In the early years, I stood around Heartbreak Hill and in the past few years, I’ve camped out near the finish line. This year I was in Kenmore Square, about a mile from the finish and I could not have imagined the horror that would ensue. I was with Chris and a few other friends and remembered seeing a dozen or so foot police running towards Copley Square. I thought perhaps there was a big fight they were breaking up or a bunch of rowdy students that have gotten out of hand. It got kind of chaotic after we learned about the explosions, but we were all safe and okay. I am really saddened by what has happened. I leave tomorrow for Paris and London and although I am excited, it’s still a mixed bag of emotions. Keeping the runners, their families, and Boston in my thoughts. 

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