Muir Beach Overlook

It’s almost the end of March – where did the time go? It seems I’ve been busier than ever since I decided to leave my job. I went home to NY for a bit to spend time with family and fill up on bagels. (Of course I stuffed my carry-on luggage with some bagels too.) It was nice to be on the East coast and even see some snow.

Now that I’m back in SF, I’m appreciating the California sun. Especially when the sun is actually hot!  I’m not looking forward to another SF “summer” right around the corner. SF Summer = sweaters = sad Amy.

View from top of Muir Beach

This past weekend, a group of us headed to Dear Mom for brunch. I’ve been helping out with a friend’s homemade yogurt and granola company called Crunch Culture. They debuted their product on the brunch menu of Dear Mom so we had to check it out. It was great! If you’re in SF, I would highly recommend it. They have interesting flavor combinations such as lavender-infused yogurt with coconut-candied citrus peel and pistachio granola.

Vegan Thai Tea Coconut Yogurt with Dried Mango and Cardamom-Spiced Cashew Granola

On Sunday, Chris and I went on a short hike – more of a “walk” – along the coastline overlooking Muir Beach. Since my knee is still healing we didn’t want to do anything too rigorous. The hike is about two miles out and back. It’s definitely the shortest (and easiest) hike we’ve ever done! Still it had gorgeous views almost rivaling Big Sur.

The trail took us by a Slide Ranch, a non-profit teaching farm, which was pretty cool. I am not a big fan of farm animals but I like admiring them…from afar. I do want to go back and check out their programs though. They offer hands-on educational activities on their organic gardens and animals. (I’ll probably skip the animals).

Muir Beach Overlook is a good place to check out if you only have a couple hours to spare and don’t want to travel too far outside of the city. Next up, is a trip to Austin with my cousins! I’m so excited to stuff my face with BBQ and bop around a new city. Any must-see recommendations?

3 thoughts on “Muir Beach Overlook

  1. You have always been a amazing cook/baker so there is no doubt in my mind that you will be successful!! Happy to hear you are following your dreams.
    All my Love always,
    CiCi 😉


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