Not the Bee’s Knees

Have you ever had a MRI? I went in for one on Monday and it was an awful experience. You are told to stay completely still for 45 minutes while they slide you into this huge tube that magnetizes your cells. I was told that if I kept my under wire bra on, it would disintegrate. Ok, gotcha. Metal, bad. And even though I was wearing ear plugs and noise canceling headphones, it was very loud.

I find out the results this Friday. I’m still hoping a miracle will happen before then and my knee will magically get better. That happens from time to time, right? The whole situation kind of sucks. I am working from home this week and it is kind of lonely. I’m trying to see the silver lining in all this à la Bradley Cooper, excelsior!

Like, hey, I get to spend more time on the couch now and it’s not considered lazy!
I watched Season 1 of The Good Wife while working. 
I get to work next to pretty orange flowers. 
And I get to make fancy salads for lunch!

When I saw the doctor on Friday, he thought I might have torn my meniscus. If the tear is small enough then I’ll just need physical therapy. If the tear is more than that, then I will need surgery and physical therapy. I am preparing myself for the possibility that I will have to get surgery and this is not because I like being dramatic (because I do), but because I really don’t think my knee has gotten any better. Whichever it is, I hope my knee heals fast. I have plans. Big, big plans that involve standing, walking, and maybe squatting! As comfy as this couch is, I do miss being mobile. 

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