Exploring the Wonders of Guam

Wow, that was an exciting Super Bowl. I went down to Monterey to watch with my dear friends Ryan and Maegen. Is it bad that my favorite part of the game was Beyoncé?

Anyways on my way back from Dili, I decided to extend my layover in Tokyo to not only check out the city and visit a friend, but to take a short flight to Guam. Guam is not on my travel bucket list, but when my coworker, Tracey, suggested it I couldn’t turn down an invitation to a tropical island.

I’m so glad I went to Guam – what an awesome island!

As the most populous and largest island in Micronesia, I found Guam to be interesting since it had both ritzy and rural characteristics. The most touristy and developed part of Guam is Tumon Bay where you’ll find your fancy hotels and shopping malls. Tracey and I didn’t spend too much time there except for when we went to Hotel Nikko to watch the sunset on the beach. We spent most of our time at the north and south end of the island. To get around Guam, you really need to rent a car. There is limited public transportation and I didn’t see many taxis. We were able to drive around the whole island in one day!

Hands down, Tracey and I agreed our favorite part of Guam was at the northernmost tip. Ritidian Beach was so beautiful and breathtaking it made you want to never leave.

Being at Ritidian, we gloated at how amazing this place was that we felt so small, just a tiny dot in the ocean. It was a great feeling.

On the southern coast we encountered more breathtaking views. If we had time we would have liked to hike down the mountain to the bay.

View from Cetti Bay Vista Point

If you’re a WWII history buff, Guam would be a good place to visit to see historical war sites. I would recommend stopping at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park to see the exhibits too. They have an interesting collection of memorabilia from WWII and also, footage and pictures of what Guam looked like then under a time of war.

Clockwise from Right to Left: Statue of Chief Quipuha, Fort Soledad, view from Lover’s Point.

Everyone in Guam is super friendly or at least that was the experience we had. We met great people who were willing to help us out and share their recommendations. We were even offered to ride a carabao aka a water buffalo.

There is so much to do in Guam that Tracey and did not get to. I already told Chris we have to go. I really want to see the waterfalls and go on boonie stomps (hikes) plus there’s snorkeling, paddleboarding, windsurfing, etc. The list goes on and on. I hope you’ll consider going too! 

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