We’ll Always Have Dili

My days in Dili are dwindling down and I’ve had so many memorable moments. We weren’t able to get around as much as we would have liked because of our busy work schedule but my colleagues are so easy-going and fun that work almost seemed like play…almost.

Sitting down with bakso (noodle soup filled with meat and dumplings) for lunch one day. 

Lilli: We need to de-worm ourselves after eating this.
Me: To what?
Lilli: De-worm.
Me: What?
Lilli: I’ll explain after we’re done eating.

Oh dear. There are mosquitoes and then, there are tapeworms. Fingers crossed on not encountering the latter.
On Saturday we headed up to Dare (dar-ey) Mountain to the Dare Memorial Café with our laptops and work for a change of scenery. Dare is about half an hour from the city center but it had a totally different feel from Dili. The views were spectacular from the café with an open terrace that looks out over the city. It rained for a bit while we were there but it was kind of pretty.

The road up to Dare was kind of narrow. I’m so glad we didn’t end up tumbling off the side of the mountain.

I saw a lot of construction projects along the way to Dare.

I edited this photo using PicMonkey – kind of cool, right?

So back to the food which (besides a slight tapeworm possibility) has been hit or miss. There are only so many days when I can eat questionable meat and salty fish. Though there have been some delightful surprises! My favorites include the Kebab Club, a Turkish restaurant that serves up some tasty falafel and huge pieces of baklava a la mode; a Portuguese restaurant (whose name is hard to remember but is next to Caz Bar) that has not only Portuguese food, but Timorese and North African; and Beach Cafe which is a cross between Thai and Burmese food (order the papaya salad).

Turkish restaurant – great coffee and falafel wrap!

Tomorrow I head to the district of Liquica to visit Maubara (to see the historic Dutch fort) and then packing up since it’s my last night here! Wish me luck on my last day to not get dengue. Oh right, I forgot to mention that it’s dengue season here. The best way to avoid dengue is to not get bitten by a mosquito. Yeah, that’s not quite working out…

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