Road to Disneyland: "We Were Told There Would Be Sun"

Santa Barbara. Los Angeles. The O.C.

I conjure up images of beach parties, Jeep wranglers, Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, and vampires. I don’t know where the last one comes from. Did Buffy take place here? I used to love that show (before it moved to UPN).
Santa Barbara Pier – this looks depressing. 
Well it was a bit disappointing when on our four-day vacation to Southern California we found ourselves in rain, rain and more rain. (I don’t care what you say Jimmy Buffet, but there is nothing I hate more than being caught in the rain.
Chris and I planned a mini-vacation for his 30th birthday (woo!). First stop was Monterey where we hung out with some good friends, the second cutest dog ever, ate pizza and chocolate, and played board games. It was a great night and an awesome beginning to our trip down the coast. 
From Left to Right: Sammi licking Chris’ arm, Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza courtesy of Chefs Ryan and Maegen, and Homemade Nutella Tart. 
Side note: If you ever play Battle of the Sexes, don’t. The questions that females are supposed to answer are ridiculously hard – like what is the grip of a sword called? (Who knows?) And the questions that guys get are along the lines of how do you spell “pink?” It is rigged! Or maybe I am a sore loser. Let’s say it’s both. 
After staying in Monterey for a night, Chris and I headed South towards Santa Barbara. We stopped just a bit outside the city at Cold Spring Tavern. This place used to be a stop for the stagecoaches traveling on the San Marcos Pass. Even though it was raining, there were a lot of tourists! I would recommend this place for lunch if you are heading to Santa Barbara as it is not too far out of the way and it’s a cute little restaurant with a cozy-rustic-romantic feel. 
From Left to Right: Cold Spring Tavern entrance, inside the Tavern, Chris proudly displaying his cupcake from Whodelicious, the Cookie Dough center, and Old Mission Santa Barbara
We explored downtown Santa Barbara after lunch, mostly walking up and down State Street. It’s a cute main street where you’ll find lots of restaurants, shops, a mall, and even a museum. We didn’t have time to see much but we did find some yummy cupcakes! On our way out, we stopped by Old Mission Santa Barbara to walk around. I imagine this place is beautiful when it’s sunny… 
Up next was dinner in Malibu at Duke’s Malibu. It was a great meal. I usually don’t like seafood but it was cooked so well and done just right. Duke’s is right on the ocean so we had a great view (I think- it was pitch black out).
Pretty dark out there. 
After dinner, we headed to Anaheim where our next venture would be to Disneyland! It really is the happiest place on Earth! It was raining still, but we didn’t let that ruin our spirits (yet).
More to come on Disney. Stay tuned. 

2 thoughts on “Road to Disneyland: "We Were Told There Would Be Sun"

  1. I never ate at Duke's, but I always drove by it when I was going to my favorite seafood place, Malibu Seafood. It's right off the PCH after you pass Pepperdine University. I'd recommend it if you ever go back!


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