There’s Nothing Wrong With Excess

You know how they say “necessity is the mother of all invention?” Well to translate this into my world, “excess items in pantry is the mother of baking.” Okay, Einstein’s quote is a bit catchier but you get the gist.

I have lots, LOTS of peanuts and more strawberry jam than two people really need. So I’m playing with the two to develop some recipes and of course test them! The yummy and dangerous part of baking (which reminds me I should go to the gym).

First up are these Browned Butter Milk Chocolate Coconut Cookies with Peanuts and Strawberry Ginger Jam. (Title needs some work and a copy editor). I simmered the jam with whole pieces of smashed ginger to infuse the spiciness of the root. I also browned the butter to add to the nutty flavor of the roasted peanuts. I added coconut milk to the butter to add another layer of complexity. (Though in the end I didn’t really taste the coconut flavor. Next time I might use coconut cream instead for a more pronounce coconut taste.) Then I combined some of the flour with the roasted peanuts in the food processor which smelled really awesome. Next, I mixed the wet with the dry and then at the end, I added chocolate just because. Lastly I swirled in the jam and ginger mixture and spooned the dough onto the baking sheets. Into a 325 degree F oven and 10-12 minutes later, I came out with this:

Chris really liked the cookie and so did my coworker who I gave some to. She’s pregnant and will eat anything but I think she really meant it when she said she liked it. The cookies had a nice peanut butter taste to them despite the lack of actual peanut butter. Also, the ginger flavor was subtle and balanced the sweetness of the jam well. The one complaint from Chris was to improve the appearance. And I agree. The cookies look hand-crafted and rustic, but not in a good way. It looks like they just rolled out of bed after a night with Ke$ha and then attempted to fix itself up in a dark room. But you know what, it tastes really good. I made another batch but with jam just in the middle like a thumbprint cookie.

They look a bit better – like the cookie put a comb through its hair. I’m going to continue working on making them prettier and will report back. Next I made muffins. With the edition of an egg and replacing the baking soda with baking powder, not much of the recipe changed. I finished them off by sprinkling crushed peanuts on top.

They were really moist and delicate. I might add some cinnamon to them next time for more aromatics. Recipe developing is fun! I wish I had more time (and supplies) to do it.

I’m preparing to go to Manila soon. Super excited for some good chicken adobo! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the nice SF weather. It’s been gorgeous here lately which is rare since this city is mostly covered in a blanket of fog. Indian summer is not a myth after all 🙂


2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Wrong With Excess

  1. I got slightly exhausted just reading how much work these cookies and muffins were. The muffins look especially delicious. Have a safe trip to Manila. Can't wait to read your blog post about it!


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