Project M + A Wedding Cake: This is it!

Dear God, Allah, Buddha, whoever is out there, if you could watch over me and this precious cake, and the car I’m driving in, and oh, my boyfriend too, as we deliver this wedding cake up a mountain and make sure we get there in one piece, that would be great. Love, Amy

This is more or less what I kept repeating to myself this past Saturday morning as we left our apartment in SF to head 45 miles south to Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside.

I spent the night before frosting and decorating the cakes. I made a last-minute decision to assemble the cake at home. Originally I was planning on doing this on site but after deliberating (and confirming it could fit in Chris’ car) I felt it would be less stressful for me to assemble the cake at home. The next morning we were able to get the cake out to the car without any problems. Chris thought to put the cake on his rolling desk chair with stacks of magazines and a cutting board underneath to make it level. We rolled the cake out to the hallway and onto the elevator down to the garage. It was kind of a funny scene but hey, it worked really well!

We also looked kind of funny since we were dressed up in thick hoodies and long pants even though it was nice out. We had to dress warmly since the AC had to be on high to keep the cake cool. And it was cold! In retrospect, Chris wished he had brought his winter hat. 

We only had one mishap when the cake leaned backward as Chris made an uphill turn. Luckily my hand was there to prevent the cake from slipping and it was an easy fix. After adjusting the nonslip liners, the cake did not have any problem being transported up a winding, narrow road. I think it was harder for me than the cake! When we got to the venue, it was time to finish decorating and adding the fresh flowers. I got strawflowers from the farmer’s market and spray roses from a florist in Woodside.

An hour or so later – ta da! The finished cake was placed in the refrigerator for when the caterer and party planner arrived.

I was jumping up and down several times as we left out of sheer joy and relief. It felt so good to have been able to deliver this cake in one piece (thank you God, Allah, Buddha, whoever you are) that I had been planning for over a month. Yippee! By the time we got back to the city, we had 45 minutes to get ready before catching the shuttle bus that was heading to the wedding site. An hour and a half later, we were back at where we just came from!

Doesn’t Chris clean up well?

The wedding was SO much fun! It was a beautiful ceremony and Michelle and Adam were beaming.

I felt so lucky to be among the family and friends that shared this special day with them. Of course I cried during the ceremony. Crying at weddings is my M.O. My friend Candice can attest to this 🙂

The cake was out during the reception and it was a) a relief to see it just the way I left it and b) amazing to see it all dressed up and prepared for later! I got that ‘jumping up and down’ giddy feeling again but refrained from doing this in front of the other 149 people there.

Congratulations Michelle and Adam! 


13 thoughts on “Project M + A Wedding Cake: This is it!

  1. Looks perfect! So incredibly beautiful and I bet it tasted delicious too. Where did you get the cute cake toppers? Hats off to Chris for his great job transporting the cake. 🙂


  2. So perfect! Couldn't have asked for a better-looking, most amazingly tasty, best taken care of wedding cake! And I love the story and photos you got to document along the way. =) Thanks to you and Chris!


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