Baking Demo with Yigit Pura and Tout Sweet

I have a major crush on Yigit Pura. Fortunately for Chris, I am not his type. I’m holding out to be Yigit’s bestie though. I am not sure if you are familiar with him, but he won Season 1 of Top Chef Just Desserts! And he’s freakin’ hilarious, charming and so talented. On Saturday, I went to Macy’s with my friend Ann to watch Yigit make a pasilla spiced cookie sandwich with pasilla chili-infused Scharffen Berger ganache with a cacao nib mudslide. Phew, that was a mouthful. 

It was as good as it sounds!

Luckily Ann and I got there on the early side and were able to snag seats in the third row. Seats filled up quickly too.

The event was hosted by Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker which is a local company founded right here in SF. Their amazing chocolates are made in Berkeley and sadly Ann says they don’t give tours anymore. We were given free samples however of the milk, bittersweet, and extra dark chocolate which was awesome!

The demo lasted about 45 minutes and Yigit took us through the steps to make his pasilla-infused ganache and cacao nib mudslide. And in his words, baking is a science, “not unicorn power.” Isn’t he hilarious? 

The steps are a bit complicated but that’s his style apparently. Yigit gave us a taste of the extra ganache he had prepared (hence the spoons in the picture above). The ganache he created was really unique tasting. You were immediately hit with undertones of the pasilla chili. He explained he wanted to add heat to the cookie but didn’t want to just add cayenne, which is what most people use to add heat and spice. Guilty. In my defense, I also like to use ancho chilies. 

The cacao nib mudslide was my favorite part. He created a really rich, dense cookie base and added dried sour cherries to it which gave the intensely chocolate cookie a nice tangy balance.

Top to bottom: chocolate shortbread, ganache, cacao nib mudslide.

Overall, the event by Scharffen Berger was nicely orchestrated. I had so much fun watching Yigit bake!

Afterward, Ann and I headed up to the third floor to visit his newly opened store: Tout Sweet, which translates to everything sweet. I visited this store earlier on Fashion’s Night Out, and it was great to go back again.

The decor is very bold, bright and playful. It’s like a dream dessertland. I wanted to eat everything but restrained myself. This time I tried two of the macarons: the Sebnem and the Ken. Interesting names! The Sebnem was coffee-based and the Ken was milk chocolate with passion fruit. The cookie had a nice subtle almond taste to it and were chewy like a good macaron should be. They were definitely one of the better macarons I’ve had in the city.

I am looking forward to trying one of his tarts and cakes next time! Drool.

There were also a variety of breakfast type-items available which I believe are new to the menu.

Egg dishes! Swoon. 

I highly recommend Tout Sweet if you’re in the Union Square area. Yes, it is a touristy spot but in the name of science and unicorn power, you owe it to yourself to visit! 

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