Yosemite National Park

It seems like all I do these days is bake cakes and go to National State Parks. (It’s semi-true.) Chris’ parents are in town visiting and we thought it would be nice to be one with California nature. Just a few weeks from our last trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, Chris and I headed to Central California again but this time to Yosemite for a weekend with his parents. Don’t worry, we avoided the mouse virus (or so we like to believe). It was interesting to compare the two parks.

View along hike to Vernal Falls.

Yosemite definitely felt more grandiose and majestic while Sequoia and Kings Canyon was more tree-centric, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Unfortunately at this time of year, most of the waterfalls are dry. And given that this year was particularly lacking in the rain department, even the year-round waterfalls were either dry or just a tiny trickle. Here’s a picture of Chris sitting on rocks at the bottom of Bridalveil Fall:

You can see the water stains where water should be coming down!

On the plus side, the weather was gorgeous and the park wasn’t super crowded. My favorite part was hiking to Taft Point where we had an awesome view of Yosemite Valley. We were SO high up! Or as Chris’ mom was saying, we were “on the edge of the world.” It was indeed a little freaky that you could essentially fall off the edge if you weren’t careful.

Reaching Taft Point.
Awesome view, huh?
“On the edge of the world.”

Chris even jumped a fissure (smh as my sister would ‘say’). I, on the other hand, am too clumsy to jump over a fissure. I’ll save my dare devil ways in situations where there isn’t a 7,800-foot drop to the bottom.

I snapped a picture of this man laying along the edge of the cliff. I thought it was funny:

Chris has this ‘thing’ where he likes to climb large rocks and scare the bejeesus out of me. I took this picture while his Dad (bottom left corner) was walking to the edge of the cliff.

And of course we had to see Half Dome. Chris really wants to hike this one day and I am really trying to find willing friends who would do the climb with him. I don’t think I would mind the height. It’s just that I trip a lot. Chances are I’ll trip on air while up there, and then go splat like a bug.

View from Glacier Point of Half Dome. Photo courtesy of Patty Selin!

Also, it’s mostly an uphill hike. I am terrible at uphill hikes. When we were hiking to the top of Vernal Fall I was going so slow kids and old people alike were passing me. The hike was less than a mile and a half round-trip. I couldn’t imagine hiking 14 to 16 miles round-trip uphill!

Halfway to Vernal Fall. You can see a slight rainbow at the bottom! Sadly there was not much water here either.

We stayed at the Tenaya Lodge, just a couple miles outside of Yosemite’s South entrance. The lodge was super nice and had a modern but cozy feel to it – the kind of place where you are curling up near the fireplace that has an on and off switch. The meals there were decent. Not quite the best, but not quite the worse. Sometimes I feel mediocre places are the worse, but I’ll rant about that another time. Overall, we had an awesome time at Yosemite. I hope we get to go back…especially to see Yosemite Falls with actual water in it. 

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