Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Birthday = Fun, exciting, gifts, and cake.

Food poisoning the day after your birthday = Bad, awful, worst feeling ever, and a trip to the ER.

Yes, that is how I spent the day after my birthday. No, it was not from too much cake! I am not sure what caused it. I had oatmeal as usual for breakfast and for lunch I went out with a bunch of coworkers who are all fine so it might have been from the fruit I had in the afternoon but who knows. Chris decided to take me to the ER since (I’ll spare you the details) it didn’t look like I was getting any better. The nurse set me up with an IV drip that really helped. I’m feeling much better today though I’ve lost my appetite – it’s so tragic. I miss food and can’t wait to get back to eating normally again. In the meantime, I want to share more pictures from my Labor day weekend trip. As I mentioned earlier, after Fresno we headed to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National park to see some really, really big trees.

These trees made me feel so small.
We explored Kings Canyon first. It was really amazing. Look at how big the tree trunks are! You were able to go inside this one. It was like a small cave.

In Kings Canyon is the world’s second largest tree – General Grant:

It was named after Ulysses S. Grant and is nicknamed the Nation’s Christmas tree. The tree is estimated to be 1,650 years old, 268.1 feet tall, and 107.5 feet in circumference. Crazy, right? I unfortunately couldn’t capture the sheer size of the tree with my camera but trust me, it’s ‘gianormous.’ The drive through the park to Sequoia National Park was really scenic. We stopped almost every 5 minutes to take photos.

We came upon a really cool/scary cliff:

It’s hard to tell the depth from these picture but we were about a couple hundred feet to the bottom. This is a side shot of the cliff. I guess it is more of a canyon…

We drove a bit further East to see Grizzly Falls. Not as impressive in size as Alamere Falls however. But I’m not complaining! It was still a cool sight. There was a small lake at the bottom where people were laying out on large rocks. We stopped to eat our beef jerky and cheese…yes, very classy.

Next we drove down to Hume Lake. It was really nice and picturesque. There were Adirondack chairs available for people to sit in so we brought two right over to the edge of the lake. We noticed these ducks kept on creeping near us. At first, I was trying to get them to go away mostly because I despise birds of any kind but mainly because I secretly feared they were going to attack and eat us. Yes, I know that is improbable. Anyways, we had brought a lot of leftover cake with us since I’ve been baking so much. We ended up feeding the ducks and creating a mini mass hysteria among them. Probably frowned upon by the National Park Service but honestly I was so happy to get rid of all our extra cake.

At Sequoia park, we headed to the Giant Forest to see General Sherman, the largest tree in the world by volume. On the trail down to see the tree, I snapped a pic of these kids playing on the rocks. I love how sassy the girl in the middle looks. 

Seeing as how my picture of General Grant was just the tree trunk, you won’t get much seeing my picture of General Sherman either.

There it is! The world’s largest tree at 274.9 feet tall, 102.6 feet in circumference and a volume of 52,508 cubic feet. It looked pretty darn big. You’ll just have to go see it for yourself. All the sequoias in this forest are ridiculously huge.

Photo of random couple.

The last thing we were able to get to was Moro Rock. It kind of looks like Half Dome but only half as treacherous. There is a 400-step staircase to the top. Going up was relatively fine except when we got to those areas that were really open and the guardrails seemed pointless. I kept wondering to myself how many people died here.

The view from the top was gorgeous! And scary. I was able to stand up there for five minutes before I turned to Chris and was like we have to go down now. I was getting a little scared of the height. Plus it was kind of crowded and I was slightly worried of being pushed over the railing.

Overall, we had an awesome (and exhausting) day. I wish we could have stayed longer. We wanted to check out one of the caves but ran out of time. These three-day weekends are just never long enough! 

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