Exploring Central California: Fresno

So much for all that “we avoided the poison oak” talk from last week. I may or may not have brushed against some poison oak after all and that may or may not have been the reason for these strange rashes on my skin. I swear I’m not a mutant! Anyways, moving right along…

Weekend road trip! Chris and I went all over Central Valley this Labor Day weekend. I’m going to break up the weekend into different posts since there are so many pictures I want to share. First stop Fresno, CA:

Forestiere Underground Gardens

So why Fresno in the first place? Chris’ coworker invited us to his wedding in Fresno and since its about a 3-hour drive, we decided to make a trip out of it and see what’s happening in central California.

And the answer is not a whole lot. Though if you’re a farmer then it seems there’s a lot going on. Lots of farms! Reminds me of my Farmville days. Chris told me not to say that out loud so I’m typing it. Fresno is the largest inland city in California so it has a bit more going on. Like a Chick-fil-A! Yeah that’s not saying much.

Chris read about these underground gardens so we decided to check them out before the wedding. I was a little skeptical at first since when we drove up to this place it looked like a parking lot. Though when we went underground, it was a totally different place. It was pretty remarkable how one man, Baldassare Forestiere, created it all. He spent 40 years digging underground after finding out there was soil under all the rock on his land. He created kind of an oasis down there. It was very cool despite it being 97 degrees F outside!

He had all different kinds of citrus, kumquats, and grapes growing. He created these nooks with skylights so the plants would be able to get just the right amount of sun.

He also lived down there too and it was interesting to see his bedroom and bathroom:

The wedding was at a ranch not too far from downtown Fresno. It was the perfect weather.

Here comes the bride!

After a super quick ceremony, Chris and I enjoyed some libations:

There was a canopy around the back of the ranch that had strung lights. It was very pretty and romantic. We gathered there after some light bites to greet the newlyweds for their first dance.

Their dog was able to join for the dance – how adorable!

It was a great day overall. Though with Fresno being so far away, I doubt we’ll be back anytime soon. The next day we headed out early to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. I’ll post those pictures soon. Is it bad that I’m already counting down the days to the weekend even though we just had a three-day weekend?

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