My friend told me I would forget what humidity feels like after living here in California. And she was right…
It’s funny because when I was in Dallas it was fine (probably because you can’t walk anywhere in Dallas) but for some reason when I was back East in Boston this past weekend, it was like I had never experienced humidity before. Chris and I were walking around Boston and after a few hours we decided to go to the movies just to stay cool. (Side note: Moonrise Kingdom is a cute movie.)
Walking around Boston Common.
I went back for a former co-worker’s wedding. It was a really pretty wedding on a farm just north of Boston in Beverly. I felt bad for the guys since they were wearing suits and it was blazing hot out! I wish I could have stayed longer to hang out with all my friends. I miss the inappropriate times we have together. 
On Sunday we had a BBQ at Chris’ parent’s house. My family came up from NY to see me and meet Chris’ family. It was not too bad I must say. Having the parents meet can be awkward and I think my family did really well in not waving their crazy Asian flag. I wanted to go back to NY with them when they left. It was weird seeing them leave and me stay behind. 
The best part was seeing my dog (after seeing my family of course). Doesn’t she look regal? Sorry, I’m a lot obsessed. 

This week has been really busy since my college friend is in town. She’s never been out West! It’s fun playing tour guide even though I’m still somewhat of a newbie here. I cannot wait for the weekend. This Thursday-is-a-Monday-feeling after the July 4th holiday is horrible. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! 

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