Opening Night of SOMA StrEAT Food Park

What: Opening night of SOMA StrEAT Food Park. Seating for 100 people. Free WiFi, (do I really need this?) and 10 rotating trucks!

Where: Sorta sketchy neighborhood, 11th and Division, across from Costco…
When: Opens at 5pm for dinner. My friend and I arrived around 6pm.
Why: Food. In trucks. 
Who: There were some interesting food trucks there.  We decided to skip Curry Up Now since that’s close to work and also Sunrise Deli for the same reason. My friend Ann’s distaste for mayonnaise meant we skipped Mayo and Mustard. I’ve never really liked Ethiopian so we bypassed Eire Trea. Mr. Nice looked good but I wasn’t in the mood for anything on their menu which is mostly sausage. The Belgian waffles did look enticing from Golden Waffle but, we decided to pass. We tried the following places:
Tostada – The contrast of salty pastrami and sweet slaw was nice. Though there was too much cheese on the tostada which overwhelmed everything. I wish there could have been some heat or spice on here to complete the dish. 
Pastrami fries – The pastrami with the green onions was really good! The fries themselves were a bit lacking unfortunately. They kind of tasted like something you would make out of your freezer. 
Verdict: Order a pastrami sandwich. They seem to be well reviewed on Yelp. 
Left to Right: Moa-Fried Slider, chicken breasts, brined and coated in panko, topped with spicy slaw. I think I didn’t get enough jalapeños in mine since it was not very spicy at all. The chicken did have a nice briny flavor to it. Overall, I felt the slider needed some kind of aioli to hold it all together. BBQ Pulled Pork Slider, pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce. It was sort of average. The meat was tender and the BBQ sauce was nice and tangy but nothing really made it a standout slider. 
Verdict: Skip. Unless you’re looking for an average meal. 

We ran out of savory things we wanted to eat so naturally it was time for dessert! And it was the best part of the night. 
Chocolate Sorbet – Ann was a fan. 
Strawberry Pretzel Pop, drizzled in white chocolate with pretzel pieces. Loved this! It tasted like fresh strawberries and the white chocolate added just the right amount of sweetness. The pretzel pieces were genius as it added a salty and crunchy dimension to the Popsicle. 
Verdict: To end your dinner on a sweet note with something light and refreshing, this truck is a must. I hear they have a Salted Caramel Pop…drool. 
Overall I would definitely come back especially if new trucks will be added to the rotation. It’s pretty cool that it is a permanent food truck park which means I could go whenever I want. 

One thought on “Opening Night of SOMA StrEAT Food Park

  1. This looks delish!!

    There are SO many food trucks opening up business around the US is cities. It's pretty awesome. Adds more variety. (Sidenote: I've never been a fan of Ethiopian either.)


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