Hiking the Devil’s Mountain

Mondays are hard to come back to especially when you’re coming off of such a good weekend. Chris and I hiked Mt. Diablo on Saturday which was probably the most strenuous hike we’ve done so far in terms of terrain and time it took us to complete the hike. We did a 7-mile loop from the Juniper campgrounds and weather-wise, we couldn’t ask for anything better. Perhaps Icee stands along the trail would have been nice.

The view from the Juniper campground.

A bird I spotted at the beginning. 

We were hiking downhill for the first half hour or more which should have signified a huge red flag since it would only mean we would have to loop back up to reach the summit.

And by up, visualize a super steep incline, so steep that you are literally bending forward as to not fall off the mountain. Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic. But it was pretty darn steep.

About two hours in, I cursed the sun for being so “out,” leaving us exposed to the elements. Let’s just say somebody forgot to put on sunscreen and that somebody is paying for it…I won’t name names.

Looking disheveled. 

More than three hours later, we finally reached the summit. I felt so accomplished. I wanted to eat a cheeseburger. Sadly there were no cheeseburgers, just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We saw a bunch of hang gliders at the top. Naturally Chris wants to try hang gliding now.

They were able to get close enough where we could hear them say hi. It was kind of cool. Though imagine if one of them snatched up your kid or your pup? OK, it’s not possible but it would be funny.

Busy week ahead. Hope everyone had a good weekend! 


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