Weekend in Pictures

What a great weekend! The weather was nice in SF for the most part. It was so hot and sunny on Friday and Saturday it reminded me of East Coast summer weather! But then Sunday was the typical foggy, overcast San Francisco I’ve come to know. Sigh. 
Here’s my weekend in pictures:
Getting fancy with $14 cocktails and spectacular views at the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. We made it just in time for sunset. 
Surfing at Ocean Beach. Or more accurately watching Chris and our friend Kyle surf while I people watched.
Sunbathing at Dolores park. My back has some funny tan lines from the dress I was wearing. Chris got sunburned on his toes, go figure. 
Strolling through the Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park the next day despite the overcast weather. The flowers were really pretty. I was really cold. Darn that fog. 

Checking out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young Museum. It was very cool, even Chris said so and he’s a dude. 
Alas, now it’s back to work. Hope you had a good weekend. Happy Monday!

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