Dhaka: Venturing Out – Part 2

What to do in Dhaka? To be honest, not much. A lot of my colleagues stay at home on the weekends. It makes sense since it’s hard to get around and regardless, there doesn’t seem to be many places to hang out. If I had money, I would open up a discotheque (yes, I just used that word) that plays movies, serves samosas, has foosball and free wi-fi. You have to give people free wi-fi.

While I try and come up with the capital, check out the things that already exist. We were able to see a couple things in Old Dhaka. One being Lalbagh Fort. 
The garden area surrounding the fort was really nice. We were kind of mini-celebrities there. There was a family that asked my coworker if they can be in a picture with her. We noticed lots of stares and people whipping out their cell phones to snap a pic of us. So weird! We assumed it was because not many visitors come here or maybe we had something in our teeth and people thought it was funny. 
There were lots of children and family in the fort grounds. I spotted these kids having a picnic lunch under the shade of this bush. It was super hot that day! Pretty much just like everyday I’ve been here but it was especially sweltering that day. 
He has the right idea. I wonder if he had to pay the 100 taka fee to get in…
We also visited the Pink Palace.
It is true to its name – super pink. Sadly, the Pink Palace is not as well preserved as it should be. A lot of the items on display were really weathered looking and damaged. It would have been cool to see what this two-story palace looked like in its heyday! 
We also made a “scene” here as there was a group of locals who started to follow us as we walked around the palace. It was surreal. 
We were able to venture outside of Dhaka! We went about 35km north to Savar where we visited the National Monument. 
It was also surrounded by pretty greenery. 
These national sights were very interesting but my favorite ‘out and about’ moment was when we got to visit our coworker in one of the villages in Savar. Our co worker’s family owns a house out there and it was pretty freakin’ awesome. Such a contrast from the madness of Dhaka. 

Their property was gorgeous. The coolest part is that their land is surrounded by three ponds. We all got to fish that day!

I am proud to say I caught a fish. Truthfully, everyone did and it wasn’t very hard. But I’m still proud.

We probably caught about 10 fish. And then there was really only one thing left to do.

My coworker said it best, “You really can’t get any more fresh than that.” It was really cool to see the fish being prepared and cooked. I don’t think I could have done that myself. It’s one thing to catch fish and it’s a whole other thing to clean its guts out.

We went on a “jungle walk” after lunch. It was amazing. Mostly, because we have been deprived of walking around freely in Dhaka but the sights were just really cool.

There were lots of animals. This one cow (?) seemed to take a liking to us and at one point was circling us. Not in the creepy vulture way, but sort of like he wanted our attention.

And if you know me, you know I don’t like “farm animals” so I was trying to keep it cool but at the same time I was preparing myself to go head-to-head with the cow. He stopped following us thankfully.

I wish we had more time to make trips outside of Dhaka. Our day in Savar was so relaxing and much needed.

We got to enjoy fresh green coconuts too!

I have one last post about Dhaka before I leave this Friday (yippee). About what else? Food, of course!

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