Ba Bye Bahston

The view of the “Pru” from the Boston Public Library.

Back from “Bahston” and it was so much fun! Even though I’m from NY and have spent lots of time in NYC, Boston is the city I know like the back of my hand. It’s where I went to school and where I called home for almost seven years. It was so good to see all of my friends and Chris’ family. I was all over Massachusetts; going to Northborough, Stow, Concord, Cambridge, Somerville, Beverly, Ipswich and Malden. I know, right? It was pretty exhausting.

Some pretty stellar moments include going to Neptune Oyster for their infamous lobster roll! You can get it hot or cold. I chose to go with hot and buttery and it was super yummy. Chris said it was the best tasting lobster he ever had. I liked it and I don’t even like seafood so you can imagine how freakin’ amazing this was.

And since we were in the North End, I had to go to Mike’s Pastry. Not for their cannolis, but for their chocolate cupcakes. You have to get a chocolate cupcake if you go. They are out of this world. I’ve had people bring me their cupcakes when they go to Boston. It’s that good! The cake is super moist and the frosting is rich and very choclately. Don’t eat this if you’re trying to lose three pounds.

Me pointing to the best chocolate cupcakes EVER.

Other high points included going to a Celtics game with Chris’ parents. We were so lucky they were playing while we were in town or that the NBA season even started for that matter. Chris’ uncle works the radio controls at the Garden so we got to sit in his booth. It was a good game! 89 – 70 Celtics!

I went to MSH to see my old coworkers and have lunch. It was nice gossiping and bickering with them…just like the old days. Chris assured me he had fun though I’m not entirely convinced especially since one of my former coworkers thought he was working at Starbucks out here instead of a ‘start-up.’ Oops. The one place I definitely wanted to go see was my old apartment. It was such an awesome location in Back Bay and it made me miss my former roommate!! Hi Elizabeth!

Good times.

We eventually made it to Green Street Tavern where Chris and I met. He joked that it was just like the night we met in that we didn’t talk to each other the whole night. Hee. And after leaving Green Street, we discovered we could have met each other while at BU. One of my nearest and dearest friends from BU drove us to the train station that night and on our way we stopped at her apartment. Her good friend/roommie was there on the couch and I tried to introduce Chris to her but it turns out he already knew her! She was his roommate’s girlfriend at BU. So weird! I know her through my friend, but didn’t think it could be possible that Chris would know her too.  I told Chris that I wouldn’t have dated him anyways if we had met in college so it was a good thing we didn’t meet then.

All in all it was a wonderful trip on the East coast! Now it’s back to the daily grind and back to baking/cooking!

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