Always and Tomorrow

I found out my friend’s mom died two days ago in a car accident. She’s an only child and her dad passed away in high school. I am heartbroken.  Life is so short and when I think about how untimely and unpredictable death can be sometimes it scares me. It’s so easy to take things for granted, to be selfish and lose touch with the things that really matter. I watched a relatively crappy movie tonight called The Change-Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. It’s sort of like Freaky Friday except with men, less funny and more nudity. The main characters don’t appreciate what they have and are only able to realize this when they switch lives…er bodies to be exact.

It made me think of what my friend is going through right now. How there is no time to take things for granted in real life. I hope to always be appreciative of the people in my life as they may not be here tomorrow. Let’s remind each other about today. 


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