So Hot Right Now

Union Square, San Francisco

I was worried that it wouldn’t feel like Christmas here mainly because I have only known December to be chilly and snowy. I’m supposed to be cold in the winter gosh darn it. Why am I sweating when I walk to work? Why are people showing their bare legs? 

When I come to think about it, I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s kind of awesome not having to bundle up and break out the down jacket. And San Francisco is pretty decked out in holiday decorations so it definitely has the ambiance down. The decorated palm trees are definitely fun to look at. There are your standard evergreen trees too. Chris and I saw a great one while at a friend’s birthday dinner at Pebble Beach.

The Inn at Spanish Bay, Monterey, CA

Though it’s not quite the same without the below zero wind chills… 

I feel like I must have a distorted form of Stockholm syndrome. Yes, Boston, your coldness trembled my bones, froze my face off and sliced through me like a knife. It made me bitter and angry and I probably pushed strangers and kicked babies who were in my way…but we were in it together. Boston loved me and I loved it.

I sound like a crazy person. I’m sure I will take this all back soon when I’m home and visiting Beantown.

Well it’s time to be burdened by family for the next few weeks…heading back East for Christmas and New Year’s. Woo!  Happy holidays!

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