One Year Ago

One year ago, I was hanging out with my cousin and friends.  We had brunch at The Other Side Café, hung out at Pavement House for hours, went to see 127 Hours in the Coolidge Corner Theater, and ate at Pepper Skye for dinner. That night, I dragged my friends to a bar in Central Square all so I could flirt with this bartender.  My friends Megan and Dan brought their friend Chris who just recently came back from a 6-month assignment in Tunisia. We barely spoke the whole night. Who knew that today we’d be dating! 

Many obstacles were in play. There was of course, the bartender, and then the distraction of three British men that I spent almost half the night talking to and the fact that I sat on the far opposite end of Chris, makes it hard to believe that I would move across the country with him. Looking back, we really don’t know how we got together. The only words exchanged throughout the whole night were literally, “Hi, I’m Amy. Nice to meet you,” and “Bye, have a good night.” There was one exchange about how we both went to Boston University and then something about David Lynch, the director. So random, right? 

Life is funny that way. You can’t ever truly know where life will take you. Unless you’re some sort of magical wizard or Miss Cleo and really, how much fun would it be knowing your future. I certainly did not think I would be living in California! Wonder where I will be a year from now. 

Hmm, hopefully not looking at that mustache 😉 Jk.

Candlestick Park: Giants @ 49ers where they (NY) lost 😦

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